Makeup Revolution Purchase ♥

My love for Makeup Revolution is growing and so is my little collection of their products! So last week after having a bit of money left over I decided to treat myself to some more products I wanted to try, and today the DHL delivery man came to my door and handed me my package and I was so excited! 

I got some more lipsticks because (a) you can never have too many and (b) they're only €1.20 each. This time round I got Enchant,Cheer,Felony and Immoral. Why do I need a blue and yellow lipstick who knows but for that price why not own them!

 I then picked up a brow tint in medium brown, as this was only €2.38 and decided why not give it a try.

 The eyeliner I picked up is in the colour 'The Last Laugh' and it is a beautiful bronze colour and I cannot wait to start wearing it. 

 I picked up a Matte Effect foundation to give it a try and because I was judging from online images I didn't expect it to be anywhere near my skin tone but its such a good match so that made my day! The colour I got is 'Cool Ivory' .

 I also picked up their Focus & Fix eye primer because my Primer Potion from Urban Decay is almost gone and so wanted to give this one a try!

Lastly I decided to try one of their nailpolishes and picked up a purple one called 'Take Me' just to give it a try and see if they're any good

And finally I got the Cover and Conceal palette in Light as it was such a great price!

Have you purchased any Makeup Revolution products?


  1. I haven't purchased any yet, but I'd love to see what you think of the cover and conceal palette :) xx

    Velvet Blush

    1. Will definitely have a post up about it next month I'm sure :) x

  2. These products look lovely! I actually love the blue and yellow lipsticks so much,I really wish I was confident enough to wear bold lipsticks as they look so cool on people!.Are makeup revolution products available in the Uk? :-)

    1. They're so pigmented they look so cool on! They're available in selected Superdrug stores across the Uk and are online at :) x

  3. Oh wow, that concealer palette is gorgeous! Will you make a full review on it, please?

  4. Will indeed! It'll more than likely be at the end of this month or sometime next, just so i can get a bit of use out of it first to try it :) x


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