So I've decided to start another little series on this blog where I focus on a few products from a brand that I've picked out that I personally think are must haves in your collection. 

Wonder'full Mascara
So this is new on the scene for Rimmel and it's getting a lot of mixed reviews, I will agree I don't find that it gives me any volume or curl or length etc in my lashes but it doesn't clump and leaves your lashes with a natural look. This mascara is perfect for when you don't want to go all out with your makeup and want to keep it either natural or to a bare minimum. Also it contains argan oil to keep lashes healthy! This is €9.99 in Boots stores.

Match Perfection Foundation
I'm pretty sure I've spoken about this foundation on this blog somewhere before. This is my all time favourite liquid foundation! It has a good range of colours, you can build it up depending on coverage you want and it just gives an overall amazing look to your skin. I don't find it too heavy and it doesn't seem to dry out my skin like some foundations normally do. This is €9.95 in Boots stores

Wake Me Up Concealer
I'm not one who suffers with tons of spots and will only get one or two every now and then, but I do find that when I do this definitely conceals them and once you set it properly it will not budge. I also find it amazing for under the eyes, again it conceals up everything and stays put till you remove it. This is €6.99 in Boots stores.

Wake Me Up Foundation
It took me a while to finally purchase this as after falling in love with the match perfection I just didn't bother picking this one up. The only thing I will say is I couldn't find a match for this so I ended up buying the lightest colour they had but thankfully I can get away with it because I'm so pale but I definitely could have done with a colour in between. Other than this I love this foundation, maybe not as much as Match Perfection but I do find that it gives your skin a nice healthy glow (well as far as glow goes for snow white skin aha) and doesn't have to be re-touched up a lot throughout the day. This is €10.99 in Boots stores.

Sun Shimmer Bronzing Powder
I've been buying these for years, and when I say years I mean since I was 13 and was starting to get into makeup. You can get matte shades and shimmer shades however I prefer the matte just because I find the shimmer just looks like someone dipped your face in a bucket of glitter. What I like about this product is how buildable it is. It's great for adding some colour into your skin (especially if you also have snow white skin) and it lasts a long while. This is €7.35 in Boots stores, although you can normally pick it up cheaper in Shaws.

Stay Matte Powder
This is definitely a favourite of mine, can you even have favourite powders? It's not messy because it's compact (although I have managed to break at least 4 of these so far in my life) It's cheap and it simply does its job and does it well! This is €5.99 in Boots stores.

Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Lipstick
The one in the picture is in the colour 110. I adore Rimmel lipsticks for so many reasons, their creamy, their pigmentation is great and they always have such a huge collection so theres something to suit absolutely everyone. I also love that this particular one is matte and it doesn't dry out your lips at all. They also have a lasting finish range which leave a shine and again the colour range is gorgeous. These are €6.99 in Boots stores.

Moisture Renew Lipstick
The one pictured above is in the colour 660 .I fell in love with this range over Summer (summer to autumn lipstick ft. these here) they are so creamy and soft and moisturising (incase you didnt guess that from the name) which means you don't have to worry about cracked lips and their staying power is definitely decent! Their pigmentation is also amazing. These are €7.79 - €7.95 in Boots stores

Have you tried any of these products, what are your favourites?