Songs On Repeat ♥

Recently I find myself listening to these 6 songs on repeat so decided to share them with you. I've linked the videos below incase you have yet to hear any of these songs. Enjoy!

What songs are you loving recently? 


  1. I'm loving Bang Bang and Anaconda too, I'm not sure if that's because
    I think Nicki Minaj is queen but hey ho. Also loving All About That Bass and
    break free, our music taste is similar!
    I think this a good idea for a post:) xo

  2. Love Shake it Off! First song I like from Taylor. xx

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  3. Everything you listed here except Anaconda and Shake it off are on repeat for me! :)


  4. Massive swiftie over here so shake it off hasn't stopped playing! I fell in love with bang bang a couple weeks ago and it's my most played on iTunes.. Teeny bit addicted! Love your blog x

    1. Yasss, omg I love her! I adore the song and cannot wait for the album to be released :') Thank you so much lovely! x


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