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ScoobyBox A Monthly Box Of Fun and Yum For Your Pooch

It's been exactly a year this month since I first subscribed to ScoobyBox for Aragón. Exactly 1 year on and I'm still subscribed because Aragón absolutely loves his monthly box! 

Seriously I've never been subscribed to a subscription this long before and I don't see myself stopping it anytime soon because I still love the idea as much as I did when I received our first box. 

Products I'm Currently Using On My Hair

Something I never really talk a lot about is hair products I use, which is surprising especially since I went to college to study hair. However today I thought I'd share the products I use to style my hair..because sure why not!?

The Balm The Manizer Sisters Palette

The Balm have been one of those brands that I had been dying to try but because I was never anywhere with a stand so that I could physically swatch the products I never really bothered about it. However a few months back when I heard that one of the stores in town got a small stand in store I ran down the next day to see what all the hype was about..especially the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter. As you can tell I ended up picking up The Manizer Sisters palette rather than just Mary-Lou because there was only a €3 price difference and why not have all three!

Kim Kardashian West x Kylie Cosmetics

If you're new here to DarlingJordan you may not know that I have a slight obsession with Kylie Cosmetics and pretty much anything she releases I end up buying it. The KKW x Kylie Cosmetics collaboration was no different. As soon as I seen the gorgeous packaging and nude shades I knew I needed it in my life! Costing $45 for the set it wasn't a badly priced product, except for the fact that when it arrived (I did buy other things along with it) so did a €35 customs charge! But we won't focus on that let's get straight into the actual product itself. 

Tangle Angel - An Angel Sent For Your Hair

Tangle Angel
Being a person who religiously has dyed her hair since the age of 16 my hair gets quite knotty especially after washing it. Theres nothing worse than tugging and pulling at your hair because you end up loosing half of it and thats definitely not the result anybody would want. I've tried so many hair treatments and conditioners, I've also broke numerous amount of brushes trying to de-tangle and condition my hair but nothing works. Until a certain angel entered into my life (see what I did there).