May 07, 2018

A Personal To Do List For May

I'm writing this in April having already broken 90% of the things I'm going to list below which is why it's going to be for the month of May. I find that when I write things down and put them out into the universe I tend to stick to them a little better than if I just said them to myself. 

So here are a few things I want to achieve in May

April 23, 2018

Whats Inside My Ralph Lauren Handbag

Over the Easter Holidays while out shopping I spotted a handbag that I just couldn't walk past like seriously even the price tag couldn't make me walk away from it and I just had to have it. I'm not entirely sure when I became such a pink handbag kind of person but this bag just ticked off absolutely everything I loved so I had to make it mine and of course since this baby entered into my life I haven't put it down. Never did I think I could be in love with a handbag as much as I am with this one. 

So say hello to my gorgeous Lauren Ralph Lauren princessy pink handbag.
And lets get into what it's currently holding inside.

April 15, 2018

Things I Still Don't Understand As A Twenty Something Year Old

 I'm not going to lie it's currently 2:18am on a Saturday night and I have my headphones in with Taylor Swift blasting and I've just filled an A4 page with ideas for this blog post, so in my slightly sleep deprived state I'm going to try and write out all my points in hopes they make sense so future me who has to come back and proof read this won't have much to do - apologies future me.

As it's beyond past my bedtime I'm going to say I feel a bit sassy tonight and if the odd swear word or words slip into this post I apologise in advance if it offends you but sure I'll go back to PG me in my next blog post : )

So here are just some of the things my 2am mind decided to let me know I don't understand at my age.

General Adulting things - So you're going to be shocked a little and will more than likely shake your head but like cooking is not my thing, nor has it ever been nor do I see it being in the near future, in my opinion there ain't nothing wrong with a microwave dish from M&S (true story, try their four cheese ravioli in tomato sauce dish it's all I've eaten for lunch the past two weeks) I mean pop it in the microwave for no more than four minutes and bam you've got yourself some food OR get on the just eat app and bam you've got yourself a person at your door delivering you food. I mean my attitude right now is if they don't have to cook a meal in the Big Bang Theory why should I!?
Taxes like ugh why, I get paid monthly and I swear the tax mans ear must be burning for the amount of times I bitch about him when I check my payslip every month. Another thing is bills, like luckily I don't have very many bills in actual fact I have three, my dogs subscription box, my Spotify subscription and my Netflix subscription but in my mind they're bills! Like why does everything I love want to take my money every month *rolls eyes* I realise I don't have much of a leg to stand on with this point but I'm still going to whinge about it! Making appointments for yourself or just in general talking to somebody you don't know on the do people do it without having precisely 5 panic attacks? Legit if I'm asked to make a phone call in work I will go and find somebody who's more adult than I am and ask if they'll do it for me #truestory. 

March 24, 2018

How To Have The Perfect Cosy Night In

Cosy Night In
Cosy Nights in are my forte. 99% of the time you will find me under a fort made of blankets, surrounded by fairy lights and candles, binge watching Netflix with a hot beverage. Whether you feel like you need a good 'oul pamper, an evening where you can just completely chill or as a just because, Cosy Nights in are the best way to de-stress after a long day. So onto the essentials!

I honestly can hold my hand up and say how on earth did we survive without Netflix over the years. I've had my subscription going for well over a year now and it's been very rare for me to switch on normal television ever since, I mean how do people deal with all those adverts during shows?! Depending on how cosy I want to be determines what I watch Netflix on (please tell me this is the same for everybody else or am I just a tad bit strange?) So if I'm just wanting to chill out normally my laptop or phone is my choice depending on which one is charged more, but for ultimate relaxation it's my tv because then I can be in bed totally relaxed, plus the screen is bigger than all the other devices so it's usually my go to. Even better when it's a HDR Panasonic TV you're watching it on! So now that you've Netflix loaded and have figured out what device you're watching it on it's time to pick what you want to watch, a Rom-Com, Trash Reality Tv (who doesn't love this) or maybe continue binge watching your current tv show you're loving. Currently in the 'My List' section because I've been loving them are Riverdale, Gossip Girl, Just Go With It, Now You See Me 2 and Love Rosie.