It's the 28th of January which means my lil Sheldon is 6 years of age *throws confetti into the air*

I've been going around everyone telling them how my son is now an O.A.P and ima have to get him a Zimmer frame so he can be like the little old man from "UP" because in Guinea Pig years he's actually 108. Which I honestly don't know who comes up with ages in animals because in my head he's still 6 (and an old age pensioner....time to apply for that free bus pass now hun) 

Six years sounds like a long time but it doesn't feel like six years ago when this hair ball came into my life and has put a smile on my face everyday since. 
So of course to celebrate balloons were bought along with an obnoxiously large '6' balloon because Sheldon clearly appreciates them all and didn't just care about what food he had got or the birthday cake that was sat right in front of his face as I was snapping these photos....

He's spent the evening surrounding by all the treats he could ever want and as I'm typing this out he's for sure having a fat nap from over indulging in cake! 

As always trying to get even two decent photos was a struggle and my camera roll is a whole different story, if you ever tried to take a photo of a pet you deffo know what I'm talking about!

However he's cute af and I love him a lot so I just spend hours taking photos hoping for the best while he totally ignores me and just eats....six years and nothing has changed really so *shrugs*

Happy 6th Birthday lil boy, I adore you!