Happy New Year!
When 14 year old me thought about the year 2020 there was flying cars, you could transport anywhere in the world with a click of a button, there was invisible cloaks and all kinds of magic going on yet here is 25 year old me, sat at her desk listening to Spotify and not a single flying car insight. *sighs*

2019 was a year of....well a whole lot. 
I had concerts galore, spending way too much money on myself, getting my first tattoo, getting my second tattoo, watching Friends for the first time, getting even more tattoos, more concerts, The Jonas Brothers re-uniting, me freaking out about over said Jonas Brothers, me getting a Jonas Brothers tattoo, The Jonas Brothers sharing said tattoo on their instagram, me freaking out, turning 25, attending the Sweetener World Tour, Changing Jobs, drinks, shots, Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star and then Christmas, And of course everything else that happened in between! Basically it was a pretty darn good year. 

And 2020 isn't off to a bad start either as I'm currently counting down to the 31st of January when I finally make 14 year old Jordan's dream come true and I meet The Jonas Brothers *screams*

I set myself Blog Goals every year and I never complete them or stick to them so this year I haven't set any. The only goal I have set is my GoodReads challenge and I want to try and read a whole 80 books during this year. As of right now I've already finished 2 and I'm moving onto my third! I got a Kindle for Christmas and I've truly enjoyed getting back into reading books again. 
Find my goodreads profile here if you wanna be friends :) 

For now I just wanted to do a lil update post kinda thing to say hi and that posts are coming this year hopefully a lil more frequent and longer than last years!