2019 for sure saw one of the biggest releases in makeup history when Shane Dawson dropped his makeup collaboration with Jeffree Star and I will say I was HERE for it all! However rewind to that day nothing else was here for me because the only thing I was able to get my hands on back then was the Conspiracy palette...is it March yet for the restock!? 

If you didn't get caught up in the whole series Shane made around the whole process of the making of this palette, I urge you to go onto youtube right now, grab a drink and a snack and watch it from start to finish! Still to this day it's one of my favourite series and I constantly go back and re-watch it. 
The packaging of the palette itself to me just screams Shane and as soon as I seen it I fell in love with it and knew it wouldn't be in my makeup drawers hidden away but instead would be out on a shelf on display, which is exactly where it has lived since it arrived in my possession last year! I absolutely adore everything about the packaging and inside is even better, consisting of 18 shades that are all a win in my eyes it's a palette that I absolutely adore the look of.
The colours are very pigmented which I expected nothing less as I have tried Jeffree's previous palettes and the shadow formula are fabbbb! 
I will admit when I was watching the series the colours in the palette had me a little iffy especially at the yellow but the colour pay off is so good and the palette itself has made me step out of my usual colour routines and experiment with some colours that I would normally never ever pick. 

As much as I absolutely adore the palette I will admit I don't pick for it an awful lot, part of me is because I think I just don't want to ruin it while the other is I think although it does make me step out of my comfort zone with the colours if I'm not feeling it on the day I aint choosing it. Like I said yes it's absolutely stunning but for me it is more of a show piece than something I use a lot. 

There is a restock coming in March and although I haven't used this palette as much as I thought I would you already know I'ma try get my hands on the Mini Controversy palette and the lipstick shade 'Are You Filming'.

Did you get anything from the Shane x Jeffree collection?