Back at Christmas I got a Kindle as I had started to read again and had been wanting to get one so I could really get back into reading properly. Since getting it I feel like its part of me, literally it comes everywhere with me and when I forget it at home I always feel lost without it! Like I just struggle to put it down which I find so good because before it was my Phone and in reality I just don't want to be on social media 24/7 like it genuinely gets boring! Over the last few years I fell out of love with reading, I just was never able to pick up a paperback and read it without getting distracted by my phone within the first five minutes, and then once I put the book down I'd never pick it back up.

This year though that's all changed! Yes I'm well aware it's still only January but I've read more books since December than I have in about 6 years combined. So today I thought I'd do a little list of the books that were hard to put down and that I couldn't stop reading, eventually getting to the end and then being sad because I've read it so fast!

I also have Kindle Unlimited where most of these books are and honestly its the best darn subscription I have, there's so many books available to read and I got a whole three months for just 99p so I actually don't have to start paying for it properly until March which is when it is then £7.99 a month and it's definitely a subscription I'll be keeping!
When it comes to books I love me a good 'oul soppy romance novel which is basically what all these books are going to be below! I promise I'll branch out into different genres eventually!
Theres no spoilers in any of these mentions - but if like me and you love a young adult romance book with a bit of lol's thrown in then definitely give these titles a try.

1. Big Sexy Love by Kirsty Greenwood

This was the very first book I read when I got my kindle and I instantly fell in love with it. A story about a girl who steps out of her comfort zone and goes to New York in favour of her Best Friend to find her Best Friends one who got away! *sings Katy Perry immediately* Consisting of mis-matched friendships, a friendship that'll have you crying and a whole bunch of laughs. Kirsty Greenwood has quickly become one of my favourite Authors and I had another book of hers lined up to read immediately after finishing this one.

2. 10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston

This book was actually gifted too me as a Christmas gift from the lovely Hannah at Hannah Heartss which was such a cute surprise. This was the cutest book I've read. So if you like To All The Boys I've Loved think that and then throw in some more cute and Christmas! A book consisting of a huge family setting up different dates for someone who's just broken up with their Boyfriend, from the out of the blue dates, to normal dates and to just plain crazy kinds of dates arranged...oh and make it Christmas. Did I mention this book has a Christmas theme? (If you know Hannah it wouldn't be a surprise as too why the book had that theme) I absolutely loved the main character and the storyline throughout! While you can probably predict the ending half way through reading the book it's in the best way possible because you find yourself completely rooting for something to happen right up until the end! Although it has a Christmas element too it I'd still recommend reading this at anytime of the year. 

3. His Royal Highness by R.S Grey

So the first thing I'ma mention here is R.S Grey is my new favourite author of all time (thanks Hannah for the recommendation!!) Out of all the books I've read so far this year, she's wrote about 80% of them, her writing is just so good!! I literally sat down one Sunday morning to read this book and by the afternoon I had finished it all and I was so mad because I'd like another 8 books and 5 films surrounding this entire storyline please!!!! Think Disneyland, Princes, Princesses, Love Triangles and everything in between.... minus Mickey Mouse and you have THE CUTEST STORY YOU'LL HAVE EVER READ!!!!!! I genuinely can't even describe this book without giving anything away because I immediately want to tell you the whole plot along with the beginning and the ending so basically please do yourself a favour and read this book because I promise you will not be disappointed at all! 

4. That Second Chance by Meghan Quinn 

This was a book I decided to read because the cover intrigued me along with seeing a few people on my timeline actually mention it, really doesn't take much convincing for a book to make it to my 'too read' list. This story was so wonderful and I absolutely adored all of the characters included inside of it. Set in a cute little small town the new girl arrives into town in a not so normal situation introducing her to someone who she ends up seeing all over town due to his many brothers with a really impecable genetic gene by the sounds of it. The story follows a blossoming romance between two people who I can only describe as meant to be....and a curse! (Didn't expect that thrown in now did ya?!) I'm not even kidding when I say this book had me in legit tears, some where from laughing so much at the comedic element while others was pure sobs from happiness and the amount of soppy cute stuff that happened. The authors writing and how she can make a story flow so easily had me reading through this book so quickly that again when I finished it I was sad that there wasn't another 800 pages in the book!

5.  Tapping The Billionaire by Max Monroe

One of the latest books I've just finished reading, but as soon as I got to chapter three of the book I already knew I was including it in my top five! A story about an online dating website, unwanted dick pics and a billionaire boss. The main character in this book had me loling at her humour every time she was speaking. Will admit this was probably the sauciest book I've read so far, I never read 50 Shades back in the day but reading this sometimes I'd be half morto if I was reading it in public incase somebody was reading it over my shoulder! The story itself though I really enjoyed and it does have you laughing out loud quite a lot. You'll also 100% find yourself swooning over the Billionaire. The only thing about this book was the ending again....BECAUSE IT ENDED!! However there are a few more books linked to this series, they are stand alone ones or there's a whole order to read them in *immediately adds them to my list of books to read*

What have your favourite reads of 2020 been so far?