It's been years since the last time I purchased a Benefit product. Not that I've anything against the brand it was just one of those that I grew away from and moved onto others. Back in the day when Benefit was the only brand I cared for my holy grail was the Professional primer, I used to save my wages up for it and make sure I ALWAYS had one spare at hand incase I ever ran out of it suddenly! So when I heard about them releasing a hydrating formula to the range they caught my attention. Obviously from when I used to use the original primer back when I was in my teens my skin has changed and the original eventually just wasn't doing much for my dry skin anymore, so I decided to give the Hydration one a whirl.
Sticking to their original formula, the primer itself is nude toned and silicone based however with this new formula it contains Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter.
When applied I must say it does feel like it spreads a lot better and easier than the original primer did. However that could also be just me forgetting how the other one worked as I haven't used it in years. So the Hydrating formula has been working really well for my skin, it's keeping my makeup in tact all day and not allowing my foundation to stick to any dry areas on my skin and by the end of the day my skin doesn't feel horrible from wearing makeup all day. 

I haven't changed anything in my normal everyday makeup routine except for my Primer and I must say I do genuinely feel like this is giving my foundation a better chance at staying on my skin during the day. Although I do find primers that I use genuinely good a good few I've noticed my makeup slips from my chin and around my nose however with this I feel like its helping pro-long the wear especially around those areas which is such a plus!

I only picked this up to try in the mini form which will set you back €15 but I do love the idea of minis just because I feel you can get a good bit of use out of them to give you an idea as too if you like it or don't and if you want to venture into adding it too your makeup collection, the full sized will set you back €35.

I've really enjoyed using this primer and for sure can see myself purchasing the full sized product in the very near future. If like me you haven't bought a Benefit product in absolute years and are intrigued by this one I'm telling you now grab one and give it a try you won't regret it!