find it meeting The Jonas Brothers!

This is literally going to be the quickest/shortest post I've ever wrote but I basically just need to get it all out of my system

I MET THE GOD DAMN JONAS BROTHERS *continues sobbing since it happened*

and then continued to watch them perform their Happiness Begins Tour in 2020 *still sobs*

I told them I loved them, showed them my 'Happiness Begins' tattoo, thanked them for coming and whatever other words left my mouth that day (shoutout to poor Nick who asked me to repeat myself because he couldn't understand me) and then asked could we do a pose which I'm sure you can gather what's happening above but if not basically Joe is my fave and always has been since I laid eyes on them back all those years ago! Literally my 14 year old self is dead!

Such a great way too start off the New Year, yes it happened on the 31.01.2020 literally the last day of January but it still set off my New Year for sure!

Catch me with this photo on every social media network possible along with it on every object I own, brb off to print it a million times.