What I Got For Christmas 2014 ♥

Lets be honest who doesn't love these kind of posts, I have been reading them all since St Stephens Day having a good 'ol nosey at what everybody got. I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and ate lots of food and spent time with your loved ones! Before I get into this I just want to say this i…

A Lush Purchase ♥

Don't you just love buying Lush products. Walking into that shop just makes me happy and walking out of the shop with a bag in my hand full of wonderful purchases makes me even more happy! I went to Dublin before Christmas for some shopping and picked up a few bits I wanted to try out. It was mega hectic so you couldn't exactly walk around and look at everything so I probably would have picked up more if I could have looked around in peace but there's always a next time! 

The first thing I picked up was the 'Lullaby' shampoo bar €7.90. I went in knowing I wanted to pick up a shampoo bar but didn't know exactly which one. When I smelt this one I knew this was the one I was going to try out. It has a really gorgeous lavender and chamomile scent to it that just makes you feel relaxed. I actually wasn't aware of this one before so when I came home I went onto the website to read about it and it's recommended for children ages 2 and up. Trust me to pick up the shampoo bar for children. However it smells so lovely and I adore it and it's definitely going on my re-purchase list! 
I also picked up the shampoo bar tin €3.00 just as it's much easier to store the shampoo bar in instead of keeping it in the shower or putting it back in the little paper bag. Only thing I'm surprised about is it doesn't actually fit in the tin straight away which really confused me to be honest. I have used the shampoo bar about 3 times so far and I find it takes a long time for the bars to start shrinking (in no way a bad thing) so it's still just resting on top of the tin until I can finally fit it in.

As soon as I seen the bottles of Snow Fairy all displayed ever so nicely I had to pick up a bottle to try. I only picked up the small bottle €4.75 because it was my first time trying it so I didn't know how much I'd actually like it, plus the bigger bottle was almost twenty euro and there was no way in hell I was paying that for shower gel. I have to say this is very sweet like very sweet! As much as I like it and it makes your bathroom smell of candyfloss I definitely wouldn't use it everyday because it's so sweet. It's definitely a nice little treat though. There is also glitter inside of the shower gel but I don't really notice any of it on my skin to be honest.

Relaxing Day Themed Christmas Gifts ♥

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, spent lots of time with your loved ones and ate lots of yummy food!
There's nothing I love more than getting new products or clothes to lounge around in and relax. For Christmas I got a few bits and bobs to help me exactly do that!

Are the pyjama pants not the cutest things you've ever seen?! I'm actually in love with how adorable they are. My best friend got me these as part of my gift and I'm still dying over how cute they are. Around the waist band it says 'Besties' and on the pants are little biscuits and mugs of hot chocolate and 'BFF'S' wrote everywhere and they just scream look at my pants they are adorable!
I've been meaning to buy myself a hot water bottle for the past two months now but every time I'd see one I'd just be like nah I don't need it, so when I unwrapped a giftset from my brother I was so happy. It contained the cutest water bottle and hot chocolate mug set. I'm really fussy when it comes to mug shapes (is that weird? Am I the only one who feels this way?) and this one is a really nice one. The water bottle jumper cosy is also adorable and I'm really glad I finally have a water bottle now. The set also came with two packets of Hot Chocolate which is awesome!

Top Eye Products Of 2014 ♥

This post has probably been the one I've been most excited to do which is my round up of products that stood out to me this year. I was going to do one whole big post but I thought it would be way too long so I decided to split it into a few categories so you wouldn't have to spend ages reading one post. So here are the eye products that really stood out to me this year!

Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Palette
I'm so glad to have found this brand this year. This palette has been used so much since I've gotten it and the colours in it are so pigmented and absolutely gorgeous to blend. I probably used this palette way more than any other this year, and the fact that it's a copy of the Too Faced one but for a quarter of the price is just amazing!

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner
I'm not even sure what gel liner I was using before this but I know it was rubbish and this was literally just the first one I seen in Boots and just popped it in my basket but I have yet to look back. It's easy to apply and best of all it doesn't smudge or disappear and I'm pretty sure it's waterproof. If it's not waterproof then it just has some serious staying power. It's also jet black which I adore.

Happy Christmas ♥

Just a quick little post to wish you all a Happy Christmas! I hope you all had a great relaxing day.

My Christmas Eve Makeup ♥

Firstly I do want to say I'm sorry about the lighting in the pictures no matter how much I tried to avoid the sun glare it just would not work. As I got ready I thought why not take a quick few snaps of the makeup I'm wearing for today.

Products Used : - The Porefessional - Natural Collection…

My Week In Photos ♥

So it's getting close to Christmas and personally I don't feel like its Christmas and I think it's due to the weather as it's been strangely quite good still. However the last few days are coming up and I've been doing some last minute shopping. I noticed I actually didn't …

Colab Dry Shampoo ♥

Dry shampoo is honestly a life saver for second day hair or when you simply just don't have time to wash your hair it's a great way to just freshen it up. I had never strayed from Batiste dry shampoo simply because it does it's job and it does it well!
When Colab was released I knew I had to give it a try because of it's claims that is sprayed out sheer and didn't leave a chalky residue. As much as I love Batiste this is something I hate about it, I know they sell coloured ones but quite frankly they are ridiculously priced and they don't do any black ones so I look stupid with sprayed on brown roots throughout my hair. Aswell as that I find my hair does be so horribly chalky so I picked up 2 of the large bottles of Colab and 1 travel sized bottle to try out in 3 different scents.

I ordered these from Superdrug while they were on offer so I got the 200ml bottles for £2.32 each and the 50ml bottle for £1.32.
My first impression of these was that they were awful. I found I was standing in one spot spraying stuff out of the can for 5 minutes just to try to make my hair look well like not second day hair, I didn't like the smell and found that if you did go to close to the hair it did spray out white, I ended up taking my Batiste and spraying it on top as I knew it would work.  So as you can guess it wasn't a great start.
I decided to not rule it out because there was 2 other bottles to try out and maybe they'd be better right?!

Beauty Stocking Fillers For Every Budget ♥

Under €20 Zoella Makeup Bag | No.7 Mini Eye Palette | The Kate Collection | Lush Little Snow Fairy Set | Real Techniques Mini Brush Trio | Topshop Mascara and Kohl set | Benefit Skincare set 
Under €10
Body Butter | Eye Palette | Ted Baker Peach Perfect | Soap and Glory Santa Gloss |  No.7 Lip Treats …

An Old Classic ♥

The Naked palettes seem to be an essential to everybodys makeup collection, it doesn't matter which palette but everyone seems to own one or have them on a wishlist! I'm no different, I have all 3 of the Naked palettes that I got as gifts over the years and I did adore them when I first got them but like always something new comes along so things are kind of thrown aside. Recently I re-discovered my Naked 3 palette. When this was released I remember drooling over it with my best friend because of the gorgeous packaging and the rose hued tones it contained. However when I actually got it I must have used it about twice and then thrown it to the side because the colours even though they're gorgeous weren't exactly what I wore and I found pinks to be hard to wear.
Like I said I have recently re-discovered it and noticed that it was definitely my least used out of all 3 and decided why not try to come up with a combination of a few of the shadows that will look nice so I could start using it. So putting on my thinking cap and swatching a few colours I decided to pair it

It's Christmas...Almost ♥

Everywhere I look there is no shortage of Christmas decorations, I'm even discovering new bits and pieces around the house each day because my mother is obsessed with this time of the year! I was out shopping all day today and so I didn't get around to fixing up a beauty post so heres a few little snaps of some festive things around the house. 

W7 Wishlist ♥

W7 have definitely become one of my favourite cosmetics brand these past few months, they have great products for such affordable prices and have something for everyone. I've put a few of the products together that I have my eye on and have left links below incase you see anything you like.  E…

Cause Darling I'm A Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream ♥

Today I have been in such a good mood, Taylor Swift announced a tour date for Dublin last week and I was beyond happy to say the least. Pre-sale was on Friday and general sale was today (Monday). On Friday after getting up at 7:45 and waiting until tickets went on sale at 9:00 I was left disappoin…

Makeup Revolution Concealer Palette ♥

(excuse the faded swatches you can see, when you've swatched alot of products in half an hour they become stubborn and don't want to come off)

A highlight of this year personally has to be finding this brand I am in love with everything they make! Makeup Revolution can do absolutely no wrong when it comes to their cosmetics (and nail polishes, someone remind me to purchase some more!), they are affordable and their products are absolutely amazing quality but I'm sure you're sick of hearing me say that by now!

In one of my many purchases I bought this concealer palette. The one pictured above is in Light and was only €7.19. 
The palette itself is just a plain black one that clicks closed so you know it's nice and secure when it's in your makeup drawer/bag. You get a good amount of product in each pan also as I bought this back a few months ago and have been using them almost everyday and have yet to hit pan. 
They do have different colour ranges for this particular palette to suit every skin tone. You definitely won't use every colour in the palette as some won't suit you but they're still really handy to have if you do makeup applications every now and again (I'm in no way a professional I just do the odd makeup application every now and again when someone asks). 

Maybelline Colour Tattoo ♥

I must have been the last person in the blogging world to try out the Maybelline colour tattoos but what stopped me was the colour range. Yes they have a good amount of colours but none of them actually appealed to me until I saw this one. 'Pink Gold' has to be the most gorgeous eyeshadow I have ever laid my eyes on and so as soon as I seen it I knew I had to get it straight away! 
This is definitely the longest lasting eyeshadow I have ever owned even without primer. It's so creamy and you can just apply it with your finger or a brush and it just glides on. What I also love about this product is how buildable it is. You can just add one layer of it for a hint of the colour or you can layer it for a more intense pigment but either way its gorgeous no matter how many layers you apply.

NYX Lips ♥

I've never been one for lipgloss like full stop theres no thinking about it. But obviously of course that doesn't stop me wanting to try some by different brands especially ones that you cannot get your hands on here in Ireland.
So there is a few brands I've been dying to try that you cannot get here so when I seen a ridiculously priced NYX set I just had to pick it up because they've been on my list for so long now. In the set I got 5 different glosses all in different nude shades for €17.99 in a local pharmacy. Is that expensive? Honestly I have no clue how much they would be separately but for 5 glosses I did think it was a tad.
However that didn't stop me from running home and swatching them all and falling in love!
I've been wearing the Butter Gloss in 'Creme Brulee' and the Mega Shine Gloss in 'Perfect/Parfait' alot since getting the set because I've been wearing alot of pink eye makeup recently. (Which will be a post soon!)

Stocking Filler Ideas || Blippo.com ♥

With Christmas vastly approaching and everyone rushing around shops at this busy time I much prefer to do some online shopping to avoid all that stress, plus people getting in my way in shops seriously irritate me so staying away from them during the Christmas period is probably best for me. This …

Feeling Poorly & Blogging ♥

Mid last week after thinking to myself I survived not getting ill after everyone in the house catching something. Well good job me because I seem to have jinxed myself and woke up the next morning with every possible thing wrong with me. I had a blocked nose, my head was spinning, I had a temperat…

Christmas Wishlist ♥

So I've been loving reading and seeing everyone's wishlists for Christmas so I thought why not put one together myself. I did add prices incase you see something you like and end up wondering how much it is or if you see something that might be a nice gift for someone. Enjoy!
iPhone 6 plus…

Red Lip Classic, Thing That You Like ♥

So it's Christmas basically which means I now start to wear a red lip a lot more often. Back in October I was lucky enough to win the lovely Sophie's blog giveaway for a Mac lipstick of my choice. So with only owning 2 Mac lipsticks I know basically a crime I had a huge choice to choose fr…