Today I have been in such a good mood, Taylor Swift announced a tour date for Dublin last week and I was beyond happy to say the least. Pre-sale was on Friday and general sale was today (Monday). On Friday after getting up at 7:45 and waiting until tickets went on sale at 9:00 I was left disappointed as I hadn't managed to get tickets as they were all grabbed up in a matter of moments. To say I was heartbroken was an understatement. So I was left thinking about these tickets all week and last night I was worrying over them so much I was making myself ill. This morning when my mother called me to tell me it was 8:30 and tickets would be on sale in half an hour I honestly thought I was about to get sick. I've bought tickets many times before so I know the process well but because these tickets meant so much to me I swear I was gonna pass out. 
After watching the count down on Ticketmaster go from 10 minutes to 1 second my heart has never raced so fast but thankfully by some miracle I grabbed 4 tickets and I am beyond happy because I'm seeing Taylor perform again!!! (queue screaming and dancing and jumping around because all time favourite person).  So yeah basically I have not been able to stop smiling because I am so excited and even though its 195 days away (I didn't count that I just got a countdown on my phone) I'm beyond mega excited for the show.

Also today I went to Dublin with my best friend and I done some damage to my bank account so look out for a haul really soon, I'm so excited because I purchased my first Nars product and I cannot wait to start using it!! 
Hope you had a good day and there will be a beauty post up tomorrow, I was home late so thats why there was no post live also I was just so excited even if nobody cares or reads this I just wanted to write about getting tickets because I am so happy.