This post has probably been the one I've been most excited to do which is my round up of products that stood out to me this year. I was going to do one whole big post but I thought it would be way too long so I decided to split it into a few categories so you wouldn't have to spend ages reading one post. So here are the eye products that really stood out to me this year!

Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Palette
I'm so glad to have found this brand this year. This palette has been used so much since I've gotten it and the colours in it are so pigmented and absolutely gorgeous to blend. I probably used this palette way more than any other this year, and the fact that it's a copy of the Too Faced one but for a quarter of the price is just amazing!

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner
I'm not even sure what gel liner I was using before this but I know it was rubbish and this was literally just the first one I seen in Boots and just popped it in my basket but I have yet to look back. It's easy to apply and best of all it doesn't smudge or disappear and I'm pretty sure it's waterproof. If it's not waterproof then it just has some serious staying power. It's also jet black which I adore.

Naked 2
Out of all the Naked palettes this one is definitely my favourite as the colours are just great neutral shades to create gorgeous brown and black smokey eyes. I know they're expensive if you're on a budget but if you are looking to get one out of all three I would highly recommend this one! I used this so much this year I don't know how I still have product left in it.

W7 Absolute Lashes Mascara
I dedicated a post to this comparing it to the Benefit mascara which you can find here. It was such a great find and such a great price. I have used this a lot since discovering it and more than likely will re-purchase it again when I'm finished with it.

Benefit They're Real Mascara
Even though I found a dupe for this mascara I still couldn't not mention it as it still is my holy grail mascara and I don't think that will ever change. I just won't be in such a rush to spend the money on a bottle of this when I can get one that gives the same results for €5 however I'm not saying I'd never buy it again either because I know I will.

False Lashes
This year I really got into false lashes, I wasn't wearing them everyday but I did wear them often. Aswell as wearing strip lashes I got into individual ones too and have to say I adore wearing false lashes as I find they really bring a makeup look together and make it a bit more glam looking.

What eye products stood out to you this year?