Lets be honest who doesn't love these kind of posts, I have been reading them all since St Stephens Day having a good 'ol nosey at what everybody got. I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and ate lots of food and spent time with your loved ones! Before I get into this I just want to say this is in no way a post bragging simply just sharing what I got incase anyone is just as nosey as me and want's to have a peak!

Everybody knows by now that myself & Sheldon are a package deal so I got gifts given to me for Sheldon and that makes me unbelievably happy because I treat him like my baby!
My main present this year was my iPhone 6 plus and although I didn't unwrap it on Christmas day because I couldn't wait and got it early I am still very much so in love with it. Aswell as my phone my other main gift which isn't in the photograph was concert tickets to see my Queen Taylor Swift in concert which I am so excited about!! Seriously though I do a little happy dance everytime I think about it. The only thing that is missing from the photos is my Breville blender as it's out of the box and has been in use since getting it so there was really no point in trying to photograph that.
The little brown box with the piece of paper sticking out of it was one of the gifts my best friend got me and it's basically a letter telling me she got me McBusted tickets which I was so excited about. I finally got some MUA makeup to try as I've heard it's really good for it's price range and of course I got some more false lashes including some lovely Tanya Burr ones to finally try! I also got my first Nars product which I was super excited  about. I'm not sure if it's limited edition because of the packaging but it's the Laguna bronzer with the ever so famous Nars ITA brush included in it.
I'm so thankful for everything I got and really enjoyed this Christmas. Do expect to see a post on Sheldon's first Christmas because I took way too many adorable photos that I definitely need to share with you all!

What did you get for Christmas? :)