I've never been one for lipgloss like full stop theres no thinking about it. But obviously of course that doesn't stop me wanting to try some by different brands especially ones that you cannot get your hands on here in Ireland.
So there is a few brands I've been dying to try that you cannot get here so when I seen a ridiculously priced NYX set I just had to pick it up because they've been on my list for so long now. In the set I got 5 different glosses all in different nude shades for €17.99 in a local pharmacy. Is that expensive? Honestly I have no clue how much they would be separately but for 5 glosses I did think it was a tad.
However that didn't stop me from running home and swatching them all and falling in love!
I've been wearing the Butter Gloss in 'Creme Brulee' and the Mega Shine Gloss in 'Perfect/Parfait' alot since getting the set because I've been wearing alot of pink eye makeup recently. (Which will be a post soon!)

The Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee is absolutely stunning on. It smells absolutely amazing, guessing it smells of creme brulee but I can't confirm it as I've never had it before. This has just enough pigment in it to slightly put a coloured tint on your lips. As it is a gloss it is sticky however it's not as bad as I would have expected, it's not bad on but does need touching up through out the day.
The Mega Shine in Perfect/Parfait is more of a shine gloss than a coloured one. With this on it just makes your lips shiny rather than adding some colour. However I have been liking it for when my eye makeup is a bit more dramatic as it just pulls the look together. This however is one of those sticky lipglosses and I would recommend only putting on a thin layer if you hate the feeling of really sticky glosses. This one also has a lovely scent to it, almost vanilla-y. If that's not a word then it is now!

I have worn others just not as much and then there is also some I've yet to try yet but I'm sure I'll do a little review on them after wearing them for some time.
Have you tried any of the NYX glosses?