So I've been loving reading and seeing everyone's wishlists for Christmas so I thought why not put one together myself. I did add prices incase you see something you like and end up wondering how much it is or if you see something that might be a nice gift for someone. Enjoy!

iPhone 6 plus - Okay so I know this is cheating because I already have it but it was a christmas gift and I just could not wait until December 25th. However this was the main thing I wanted this year and I didn't think my parents would actually get it for me. So yeah I do have my main present and I have to say I absolutely adore everything about it! Crazy priced phone I will admit €799

Zoeva Rose Gold Complete Eye Set - I adore the rose gold luxury set and think the sets are well worth the money! They also look so pretty sitting on my dressing table, and because their rose gold I refuse to mix them in with my other brushes so their stored in their own little holder which looks very empty with only 8 brushes in it. Of course thats not why I want these though well maybe 10% of the reason the eye brushes that I do have I adore and I find you really can never have enough eye brushes, personally thats where my collection weakens so I would love more and just think this is a perfect set because of the variety it has. €65.00 but well worth it as you get 12 brushes which works out at about €5.40 per brush. They're brushes are also mega soft!

Made Of Starlight Perfume by Taylor Swift - I adore Taylors original perfumes Wonderstruck and Wonderstruck Enchanted and have bought them both multiple times, then when she released Taylor by Taylor one I was disappointed because I really did not like it at all it just was not for me. However this perfume has been out a while but because I had so many bottles of perfume I didn't want to buy another one so now that I've run out of most of them I'm hoping for a bottle of this as it smells gorgeous! €35 for 50ml bottle. This was an online price however I do think it's more expensive where I live, I may have to suggest ordering it online.

Anatomicals Oi! You Throbhead Headache Relief Balm - I adore this brand for their packaging and hilarious product names. I'm not one to suffer from a headache everyday but I do get them quite often and so far the products I've tried from this brand so far have not disappointed and this is just a product I'd love to try. I'm not too sure if it would actually work to be honest but it would be interesting to try out. €5.71 Not a bad price really as I expected it to be more of a ridiculous price to be honest.

W7 In The Night Eye Palette - I adore W7 makeup its affordable and basically dupes of high end makeup products. They have 3 other eye palettes out that are basically dupes of the Naked 1, 2 & 3 but because I have them I don't really want another palette with the exact same colours. However this is full of purple shades and it is just gorgeous. I absolutely adore wearing purple eyeshadow as I think it suits my skin tone really well and this is just the perfect palette for me! Are you ready for this, it's only €7.99 like that is just a bargain to be honest!

Origins Mask Marvels Gift Set - I've been lusting over Origins products for about a year now and because their pretty expensive I never really bothered to try any because I was afraid of spending a ridiculous amount of money on a product to end up not even liking it so when I seen this set in Boots I thought it was perfect to try. The one I've wanted to try for ages is the Drink Up Intensive overnight mask as I just think it sounds amazing. I have also heard such great things about the charcoal mask so this set is great. €61.50 it is expensive but for 3 bottles I suppose it's not that bad and it's definitely ideal to let you try out the products.

What's on your wishlist for Christmas?