So it's getting close to Christmas and personally I don't feel like its Christmas and I think it's due to the weather as it's been strangely quite good still. However the last few days are coming up and I've been doing some last minute shopping. I noticed I actually didn't take a lot of photos during the week at all because I've been away places shopping and I'm not one to exactly take out my phone and snap a picture in the middle of a crowd. However here is a few snaps from this week. 

From looking at this collage you can tell I spent a lot of time (like always) with Sheldon.
I couldn't find him any christmassy outfits because I left it too late and everywhere was sold out but I did buy him this little elf hat which he wore for two minutes and then managed to shake it off (sings).
I done alot of shopping last week and although I was supposed to be buying for others I did manage to buy a ridiculous amount of things for myself, one thing being these adorable lace cat ears.
It's the season for hot chocolate and as soon as I seen this mug I knew I had to buy it to make my hot chocolate look festive!
I was travelling a lot so I was stood at platforms and sitting on trains for a while. 
Sheldon wrote his letter to Santa Paws!
While taking blog photos I had to swatch some lipsticks, some turned into alot. It was not fun to get off.
I bought Sheldon a little Christmas tree for his cage which he immediately started biting at. Not sure if this means he likes Christmas or he's not fond of it.
He also got his nails cut, normally I bring him to the pet store to get this done but the last few visits have really annoyed me in a sense that the dogs they had in the same room wouldn't shut up barking and the woman would just be talking a load of rubbish and my poor little boy was terrified. So as soon as I saw the proper scissors I bought them straight away.
Finally to match his little elf hat I found this little Santa hat which is slightly a bit too big for him but never the less it's still adorable.

Have you all your Christmas shopping done?