Time To Frost Yourself!

Taking inspiration from 'How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days' when women are 'frosting' themselves with diamonds I thought on an everyday non diamond wearing basis, highlighting is pretty much the same...right!? Well I've rounded up some of my favourite highlighters to give you that frosted glow everyone loves. After all theres no such thing as too much highlighter!

Disney Store Haul #2

Disney Store Haul Bambi and Thumper
About 2 weeks ago I was having a very spendy kind of day, you know those days where you're not entirely satisfied until your sitting on your floor surrounded by bags and looking at your bank account hoping for a mistake...well one of those days! So with the many online orders I placed I also placed one with the Disney Store because if you follow me here or on Instagram, I'm sure you'll have noticed my obsession with Thumper. However there was someone missing all this time and I thought it was about time I finally added to my collection.

Looking at my bed you honestly wouldn't think I was turning 22 this week, but Disney for life! Anyways getting on to what I actually bought.

Lately On My Instagram || A Week Off Work & Decorating My Room

I love me a good Instagram update post, I think it's such a nice way to get to feature your instagram snaps on your blog too, to really tell what was going on behind them photos rather than the made up captions under them!

So last week I had a whole 9 days off work and it was the most glorious time ever! There was no 3am starts and I was actually waking up at a normal hour not feeling like absolute death. As I was off I actually got to use and appreciate makeup, because lets get real I ain't loving doing makeup at 3am and it's legit the most simplest and quick look I do because ain't nobody got time for that! It was also so nice to be able to sit down and enjoy applying my makeup and using products that I don't get to use on a regular basis.

I realised I use so much perfume throughout the day and again I'm running out of yet another one. My Ari by Ariana Grande perfume is starting to look pretty empty but I've actually been saving up my Boots points to treat myself to a new bottle. I have €64 saved on it which is more than enough for the large bottle! In reality I could do with not buying another bottle as I have 8 other bottles of perfume in use at the moment, but I'm too obsessed with this scent not to have it.

For the week the weather was in my favour and the sun was constantly shining and it was so lovely. This meant lots of Summer outfits got to be worn along with my big floppy hat that I so adore. I also just wore my Kylie Lipkits for the week, I honestly cannot see myself getting tired of these. The formula and lasting power is just so god darn amazing. I cannot wait for my next order to arrive, I'm so beyond excited about it.

Thoughts I Have While Watching Pretty Little Liars

pretty little liars, photo book, makeup, flowers, pll
I'm obsessed with Pretty Little Liars, but who isn't these days!? Since the Summer Finale is quickly approaching I thought I'd write down some thoughts I have while watching the latest episode every Wednesday morning.

August ScoobyBox || A Monthly Box Full Of Dog Treats & Discount Code

August Scooby Box Husky Dog Subscription Box
It's ScoobyBox time again and I can officially say Aragón and myself were quite excited when the delivery man handed it to me! He remembered from last time that the big brown box contains lots of treats and toys for him so there was a lot of jumping around and trying to tear open the box before photos were took! This time around because he knew it was for him, it was slightly harder to get photos where he actually looked at me, but I got a few good ones and some funny ones too!
So without further a do, lets get right into what was in this months box.

The Lazy Girl Tanning Routine

Zoella Body Scrub. Soap and Glory False Tan. Ted Baker Moisturiser
Having natural Snow White skin no matter how long you stay out in the sun is.. well, it's a tad bit of a nightmare when everyone around you has a golden goddess colour and you look like a milk bottle that's just been taken out of the fridge. However I will also admit that I'm way too lazy to fake tan all the time and 9 times out of 10 if I have to get my legs out I'll just whip on a pair of tan tights and get on with the day. However for those times where I'm feeling experimental or wanting a change I have a routine I like to call the lazy girl tanning routine! 

The Lipstick That Makes Me Wish It Was Autumn

Ariana Grande Mac Viva Glam  Lipstick and Lipglass
I know it's still Summer but Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year and as far as beauty trends go for the time of year I live for purple/berry lips. During Summer I've basically not allowed myself to wear any purple shades, yes I'm literally not letting myself wear the colour but for good reason. My go to lip is a berry or purple shade so not allowing myself to wear the Autumn staple this Summer has allowed me.. well more so made me wear different colours, resulting in me finding out my love for brown lips especially the Kylie Lipkit in Dolce K.

Brows and Highlights With Natural Collection || First Impressions

Natural Collection Brow Products and Highlighter
I'm going to be pretty honest in saying that Natural Collection is a stand I walk by every time I'm in Boots and totally ignore it. Why? Well to be honest because the products are slightly on the cheaper side I got it into my head that there is no way they would be any good at all. I mean how could they be? Plus every time I walk by the stand it doesn't help that it's surrounded by 12 year olds swatching all the lipgloss tubes that just look way too sticky for my liking.

However recently they've launched some brow products and highlighters and while in work one day they caught my eye. Firstly the highlighters and then the brow products and I decided to stop being such a snob and pick some up to give them a try, I mean theres always people buying products from the stand so to an extent it must be good...right!?

I decided to pick up a highlighter, a brow kit and brow mascara and give them all a whirl

Blogging 2 Years, Buying A Domain, Taking Time Off Work & Saying Goodbye To A Friend

I love me a good oul update post, I guess because in reality I'm just quite a nosey person. So I decided it was about time I done one again.


The 26th of July saw Darling Jordan turn 2 years old! I still honestly cannot get over it. It's definitely the longest hobby I've ever had and I'm still as in love with it as I was when I first pressed that publish button on my first post 2 years ago. I spent the evening looking back on my first blog posts and while the photos are horrendous and the writing atrocious I think it's so nice to be able to look back and see how far you've come. I know some people like to rewrite all of their old posts and take new photos but I don't want to do that as I like being able to see my progress and how far I've grown, along with my writing and photography. It may be all cringe but it definitely shows how much you've improved.

Customise Your Phone Cover With CaseApp & Giveaway!

I adore phone cases for my phone and very rarely  you will see my iPhone without a cover on it. My collection is just getting bigger and bigger and thanks to the lovely folk over at caseapp I've added two more phone cases* to my collection. Designing your own phone cases is always so much fun because you can do whatever you want and it'll only ever be you who has it.