Living With A House Bunny

Aurora has been living with us now for almost 6 months basically half a year and in that time I've realised some things that change when you live with a house bunny! If you've been reading my blog for awhile you'll know that after two weeks of having Aurora she got into an accident and broke her teeth and pulled them forward. Her operation is on the 15th of March, hopefully this one doesn't get postponed again! Basically she has to get all her front teeth out as they grow way too fast and because of her accident they stick out meaning her mouth is always open. I did do a post all about it here which included photos if you'd like to find out more, find it here!

Why You Should Put Your Blog On Your C.V

Truth be told I started my blog almost 2 years back when the place I was working closed down. I had always wanted to start one however this gave me the extra push to do something as a hobby. Since then I feel like I myself have come a long way in the sense that I didn't exactly know what job path I wanted to go down but I'm finally going down the one I know I want. Along with myself I feel like my blog has come a long way too. It may not be as good as I'd like it to be but it's definitely a step up from my old dreadful layouts and dreadful quality photos. Nobody in my family knows about my blog as it's just not something I feel the need to bring up in a conversation however I have no shame bringing it up at a Job Interview because not only is it something to be proud of but you actually learn skills that you may not notice!

I put my blog on my C.V from day one, for certain jobs I'd apply for I'd take it off because I'd think it's not relevant however now days I leave it on no matter what the job because I've come to the conclusion that having my little space here on the internet has allowed me to gain certain skills. Also even though Bloggers as a community are huge and never ending it still seems to be something that people are interested and surprised by when they see it on your CV. So heres why I think you should put your blog on your C.V

Taking Time For Yourself

I think it's very important to have some me time every now and then to just pamper yourself and truly enjoy relaxing. Between busy schedules, stress, blogging and whatever else it may be I feel like people sometimes forget to take a step back and just take an evening for themselves. So this is me telling you while your reading this, either take a few hours out this evening to just chill or to set a pamper evening for the weekend. Trust me when I say it'll do you a world of good. 

My Current Shower Picks

So I have a confession, I am addicted to buying Shower gels and body lotions, why? Well to be honest I haven't a clue but when I see shower gels and body lotions on offer well it's the best day of my life. Seriously though I have a shelf full (in my wardrobe!) of shower gels and body lotions and pretty much have enough to last me a life time, but of course that doesn't stop me buying them. Having all these products though means it takes me an hour to get into the shower because I want to decide what to use that day. However recently I've been using the same products which is definitely unusual because I usually change products every time. So as I've been loving these products so much I decided to share them all with you, because they truly are amazing!
Soap and Glory Scrub Of Your Life: I've definitely featured this before in a previous post (I think, or it could be one in my drafts, who knows) but my goodness it is the best thing ever. When it comes to exfoliating my body I normally skip that step because I really dislike exfoliators in tubs because they are just so messy. So obviously the first win win of this product is it's in a bottle so it's easy to use in the shower and it's not messy at all. It's also like no other I've tried before, besides leaving my skin feeling like a baby it actually foams up while you rub it into your skin which fascinates me. It's also really gentle on the skin, even though there is gritty bits in it no matter how much you scrub them into your skin they never actually hurt you. Of course this is a Soap and Glory product which means it smells absolutely amazing! I got a bottle of this in November and I've been using it ever since, it's almost gone but I currently have a back up tube waiting to be opened. I can see this being a staple skincare item for me for a long time! If like me you normally skip exfoliating because it's too messy and too much hassle definitely pick this up, it takes no effort at all and it leaves your skin feeling amazing!

My Current Bedtime Essentials

When it comes to getting ready to jump into bed I've found myself getting into a little routine of using five different products. They've all seemed to have found a place on my desk (which is right beside my bed) and I've been really enjoying them and actually feel strange if I don't do this quick little mini pamper before snuggling under my covers and falling asleep. 

Customise Your Phone With CaseApp

You will never see my iPhone without a case on it. I have a slight addiction to buying phone cases mostly they are Disney, others they're just because they're pretty but I do have a collection thats ever growing. However now that I have two animals I thought it was about time I made a custom iPhone case featuring some of my favourite photos of both, and I have to say did not disappoint me at all! I'm in love with my new phone case* and you can bet I'm never taking it off!

Current Favourite Pinks!

Pink, pink and oh some more pink! 
Who doesn't love some colour themed posts so I decided to share with you all my current favourite Pink products, just incase you couldn't tell already ;)

Ari by Ariana Grande You know my love for this by now, but I shall tell you some more. I am obsessed with this sweet girly scent. I am forever spraying the perfume onto me or the hair mist or the rollerball. Literally one of each is at every corner of my room, so theres always one at hands reach. The bottle is also the most adorable thing I've ever laid my eyes on and I can't get enough of featuring it in my photos! Find a full review all about it here.

January Kawaii Box and Giveaway!

Who doesn't love a box full of goodies arriving at their doorstep every month!? It's all about January Kawaii's Box* today. Packed with 10-12 different Japanese/Korean goodies for you to fall in love with! Of course the lovely folk over at Kawaii Box didn't want you all to miss out on your own box full of goodies, so they very kindly gave a box for one of you lucky readers! Everything you see in the Kawaii Box can be bought separately on Blippo so if you see anything you can't live without you can treat yourself!

Valentines With Sheldon

I'm sure you know by now I will take every holiday/occasion and turn it into a little photo theme and feature my animals. So tomorrow is Valentines and so I decided to share Sheldon's photos with you today! Aurora did not want to take part in this whatsoever so she'll be missing this one! Photographing animals is not easy because in reality I took 60 photos of Sheldon and only these 3 turned out okay. Instead of just leaving this post as a picture post I decided to do a 10 facts about Sheldon that I've learned over the time of bringing him up.

It's Valentines, Why Not Treat Yourself!

Valentines Gift Ideas
As February 14th approaches we are all asking that important question...WHAT SHOULD I BUY FOR MYSELF!? Whether you're looking for gift ideas for someone else or just something to treat yourself too, I decided to put a little gift guide together of things that won't completely break the bank and that will put a smile on your face! So hit pause on Netflix, put down that Hot Chocolate and go out and treat yourself because why not!? 

If It's Good Enough For Kylie Jenner!

I will admit that the Nip and Fab products never really appealed to me even when Kylie was boasting on about how amazing they are. However back in December the Dragons Blood Cleansing Pads were half price in Boots so I thought I would pick up a tub to give it a try, see what all the hype is about.

Faking It As A Blogger || What I See vs What You See

Blogging vs Reality
By now we all know how easy it is too fake things on social media, it is the internet after all. While we all dream of having the perfect Instagram worthy life and being able to take a selfie and be happy with the first one it's very easy to fake things, and as a blogger of course I fake things! For example the picture above, my desk never looks this neat and tidy and you can bet all the crap that was on it before this picture was taken was just put on the floor. So for this post I thought I'd share some easy ways 'to fake it'. Things such as backgrounds, instagram posts etc which I've been asked about quite a lot so hopefully you'll find your answer here!

The Most Beautiful Drugstore Palette Ever

Maybelline Blushed Nudes
When it comes to makeup my biggest downfall is eyeshadow palettes. I just can't contain myself and end up buying them all. While spending too much money when I should have been doing the complete opposite the Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette caught my eye. For just €14.99 containing 12 absolutely stunning shades, it was an offer I couldn't walk past. It was even the last one on the shelf, so if that doesn't scream it was meant too be, I don't know what does. Since purchasing this palette I've yet to use another. The shades are just so up my street I cannot get enough of the numerous looks you can create with it. 

Keeping Up With Darling Jordan On Instagram

It's that time again where I do a little week update through my Instagram posts. If you don't know by now these are one of my favourite posts to read and write! So if you like you can catch up with all my posts from this series here! Also if you missed it see how I gained 400+ Instagram followers in just 7 days here. Before we get started you can find me on Instagram here! Now onto the post.
1. You all seem to love an Aurora photo so I'm nice and share photos with you all ;) This was actually a screen shot from a video. In real life she was actually jumping all around my bed (which she's not allowed on unless I need to take a picture) and then as soon as I started recording she sat down as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Don't be fooled by her prettiness she's a right little divil. 

2. My best friend and I finally got around to exchanging Christmas gifts (see what she bought me here) and I had asked her to buy me Halloween things from ASOS and she didn't disappoint! One of the things she bought me was this oversized tee that says Witch Please (it's a mirror pic, excuse it being back ways!) I'm so in love with this top and it even glows in the dark! Yes this is the same friend that bought me the Bitch Craft tee (see here) and the Guinea Pig slogan tee (see here). She basically fills my wardrobe with awesome tees!

3. Going through my camera roll on my phone I realised how many photos that never see the light of day because it didn't turn out how it was supposed too. So I decided to share one of when I was trying to take a picture of Sheldon and he just kept turning his back to me. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to picture small animals and I probably spend about 80% of my time trying to get one of each animal that works out well.

Valentines Eyeshadow Picks

Wet n Wild Eyeshadow
Now that February is here you're going to hear and see lots of things around for Valentines Day. As a blogger of course I'll do some post around each occasion/holiday because why not!? I recently bought a few Wet n Wild palettes and mono shadows but two have really stood out to me. Instead of doing a whole makeup picks for Valentines I thought I'd just share these two shadows that I think would be perfect (not together) for the occasion! So whether you're in a relationship with someone or if Netflix is your bae we all still like to change up our makeup every now and then.