Blogging vs Reality
By now we all know how easy it is too fake things on social media, it is the internet after all. While we all dream of having the perfect Instagram worthy life and being able to take a selfie and be happy with the first one it's very easy to fake things, and as a blogger of course I fake things! For example the picture above, my desk never looks this neat and tidy and you can bet all the crap that was on it before this picture was taken was just put on the floor. So for this post I thought I'd share some easy ways 'to fake it'. Things such as backgrounds, instagram posts etc which I've been asked about quite a lot so hopefully you'll find your answer here!


Lets start with backgrounds shall we, how about the ever so famous marble background we all dream of having. You know that one that you see on Blogs that makes you want to drool. Well I certainly cannot afford a marble table and nor do I actually have use for it so why not fake it! Talking to other bloggers I've found most of them have ordered an adhesive marble sticker and then proceeded to stick it to a flat surface. I wanted a marble background but I didn't want to have to wait so I proceeded to google images and printed out a photo!
This was printed out A4 size with a white border around it to show you that it is infact a piece of paper. This works great for product close ups etc and you could never tell that it's just a piece of paper, well you can now because you know what it is but I doubt you ever looked at the below picture and said "aah yes, thats a piece of paper".
 This works for the ever so famous wood background aswell. We all don't have fancy distressed wooden floors and if you can't get your hands on a tile sample like I can't just print a photo out! It works the exact same way as the marble does. Once you find a good quality photo on the internet theres no stopping you! Anytime you've seen a photo here on Darling Jordan it's been this piece of paper and the same goes for my Instagram. I simply just set it down on a flat surface which is currently a box and put it on my bed so it will get the best light. Here is what I actually see when I'm taking a photo not so glamorous looking but once you've edited your photo etc it's pretty glam!

Instagram Posts

When it comes to Instagram we have to amp it up a bit, lets be honest because it looks a lot more pretty than taking a selfie in your food stained tee with your hair scrapped up into a bun while eating a tub of ben and jerry's watching Pretty Little Liars trying to figure out who uber A is! Personally when it comes to Instagram, the photos I'm sharing have more than likely been taken a week before and if you see me saying "getting ready to face the day" or "putting on my makeup" theres a 99.9% chance that's a lie and in fact I'm just sat at my iMac watching 2 Broke girls! Because lets face it the photo on the left looks much more appealing than the photo on the right...AMIRIGHT!?
But of course there is nothing wrong with faking these things because it's not hurting anyone! If marble backgrounds and white styled photos are your thing you do you, if your thing is more taking photos of your messy room and selfies at 4am when you haven't slept yet you do you too! Being a blogger or having a pretty Instagram feed doesn't have to cost you anything as you can simply fake it with things already in your house. Just because what you see on someone's Instagram post or blog post doesn't mean it's necessarily real and more than likely it's been posed or made pretty etc. We all like to make it look as if our life's are a little more luxury than they actually are. But trust me there ain't nothing pretty or luxury looking about a girl glued to her iMac in her pyjama's and hair up with dark circles under her eyes trying to edit every single Instagram photo the same as the other, quite frankly it's more The Ring looking than Disney Princess. ;)

What do you fake on your Blog/Instagram, anything I haven't mentioned?

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