It's that time again where I do a little week update through my Instagram posts. If you don't know by now these are one of my favourite posts to read and write! So if you like you can catch up with all my posts from this series here! Also if you missed it see how I gained 400+ Instagram followers in just 7 days here. Before we get started you can find me on Instagram here! Now onto the post.
1. You all seem to love an Aurora photo so I'm nice and share photos with you all ;) This was actually a screen shot from a video. In real life she was actually jumping all around my bed (which she's not allowed on unless I need to take a picture) and then as soon as I started recording she sat down as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Don't be fooled by her prettiness she's a right little divil. 

2. My best friend and I finally got around to exchanging Christmas gifts (see what she bought me here) and I had asked her to buy me Halloween things from ASOS and she didn't disappoint! One of the things she bought me was this oversized tee that says Witch Please (it's a mirror pic, excuse it being back ways!) I'm so in love with this top and it even glows in the dark! Yes this is the same friend that bought me the Bitch Craft tee (see here) and the Guinea Pig slogan tee (see here). She basically fills my wardrobe with awesome tees!

3. Going through my camera roll on my phone I realised how many photos that never see the light of day because it didn't turn out how it was supposed too. So I decided to share one of when I was trying to take a picture of Sheldon and he just kept turning his back to me. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to picture small animals and I probably spend about 80% of my time trying to get one of each animal that works out well.
4. I decided to allow myself to chill a bit more than I should have, which meant spending my days in pyjamas and fluffy socks re-watching Gossip Girl. My laziness seems to have even rubbed off on my animals as every day the heating would go on around 4-ish and we would all go for a little snooze at the same time. Me on my bed, Aurora under my bed and Sheldon in his bed, we're a very productive bunch!

5. I finally got around to cleaning my makeup brushes, and truth be told I washed them because I wanted to take blog photos the following day and I don't like featuring dirty brushes. I definitely don't wash my brushes as often as I should but they are just so super pretty to look after after they've been washed and left to dry. You can bet since washing these I've yet to use any as they just make such great photo props. 

6. I finally got to try Candy Corn and it is the most delicious thing ever and can I petition to bring it over to Ireland for Halloween! To me it tastes like fudge which I was not expecting at all and the consistency even surprised me because I thought it was going to be chewy like a Haribo sweet but instead it has the same consistency of fudge. Seriously though if you find this anywhere pick up a bag and feast on it's deliciousness!
7. Obligatory blogger iMac photo. Some of my current desk essentials, which includes the Zoella Wonder Hand hand cream, my James & Friends pencil case, a wicked witch of the west figurine, my guitar pleck I got from the Taylor Swift concert and some lip balms that feature a Guinea Pig & Bunny. 

8. I went to see Ride Along 2 in the cinema with my Brother and really enjoyed it. Kevin Hart and Ice Cube are comedy gold together for me. I kept it casual wearing black skinny jeans and a black tee. I threw my blanket scarf over me and even though I liked it I felt like I was gong off to the wild wild west to join the cowboys. I just don't understand how to style these things, so if anyone has featured them in a blog post please let me know so I can get some help!

9. My little Sheldon turned 2! He's growing up so fast that I've decided he's not allowed to get any older now. I wrote a little post about his birthday which featured a few photos, if you'd like to have a nosey find it here! It consisted of lots of treats and some more and then some naps. It's crazy to think he's already two as it feels like I only got him yesterday.

What have you gotten up to lately?

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