Valentines Gift Ideas
As February 14th approaches we are all asking that important question...WHAT SHOULD I BUY FOR MYSELF!? Whether you're looking for gift ideas for someone else or just something to treat yourself too, I decided to put a little gift guide together of things that won't completely break the bank and that will put a smile on your face! So hit pause on Netflix, put down that Hot Chocolate and go out and treat yourself because why not!? 

So...? Fragrance
Starting with a fragrance, as we don't want to spend anything too extravagant (is it payday again yet?) why not treat yourself to a cheaper alternative. One I've been loving at the moment (pauses to spray it on myself) is the So...?  Eternal* The perfect handbag sized fragrance that smells amazing and won't break the bank! Retailing at just €6.95 it features notes of citrus, amber and sandalwood. Also the name is ever so suiting for the occasion! This smells so girly and fresh I just cannot get enough of it. It lasts for about 3-4 hours before having to re-apply which I think is great considering the price. It's also great as it's only a 30ml bottle it means it's so easy to travel with or just simply pop into your handbag for everyday use! 

A fragrance isn't what you're wanting how about a body spray? The So...? Kiss Me* body spray is perfect for those of you who adore sugary sweet scents! Featuring notes of blackcurrant, citrus and some sweet vanilla it will leave you wanting to spray even more. Body sprays I find last about an hour and a bit on me but I do really like them for in-between perfume sprays. Also the price will have you stocking up at only €1.99 a bottle. There also is a fragrance of this scent available which costs €9.99 for a 50ml bottle. 

You can find So...? products available in Pennys, Shaws and selected pharmacies nationwide! So go have a sniff of every single one because I'm slightly obsessed...but So...? See what I did there ;)Alex and Ani Bangles
Maybe jewellery is more your sort of thing so why not have a look at the latest craze of Alex and Ani bracelets. I currently have 9 of these bangles, I am slightly obsessed...but that's okay right?! Normally I am not really a jewellery person and will only wear a pair of pearl earrings and my watch. However I have come slightly obsessed with how these look especially when they are all stacked together. They range in prices starting from €29.00 and working their way up to €40.00+. What I also really like about these is each bangle has a meaning. The "everything happens for a reason" one stands for trust, faith and confidence while the Eye of Horus stands for protection, light and reason. 

You can find Alex and Ani bangles on their website or in selected jewellers.Too Faced Mascara, Lush Shower gel
Maybe you want to treat yourself to a new makeup item, so how about a new mascara so you can finally throw out all those old dried out ones that are probably long out of date. My personal favourite is the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. This adds volume, length and drama to my lashes and I can honestly not get enough of it. Plus can we talk about the pretty packaging, I am so obsessed with it! Retailing at €23.00 it's a tad more expensive than Drugstore ones but personally I think it's worth every penny. If you love a dramatic lash look this is definitely the mascara for you!

You can find the Better Than Sex mascara on the official Too Faced website or in stores/online at Debenhams.

Personally I adore shower gels, it's just a slight obsession I have that's probably a tad strange but I just can't help myself when it comes to buying some. So why not treat yourself to one from the ever famous Lush. May I suggest the Prince Charming Shower Gel which is basically perfect for the holiday! Featuring scents such as pomegranate juice, grapefruit oil and marshmallow root it's one to leave you craving something sweet! So off you run to your local Lush before this sells out as it's only a Valentines exclusive and will set you pack €6.50 for a 100g bottle! 

You can find Prince Charming (the shower gel) at your local Lush store or on their official website. 

What are you planning on treating yourself or your significant other to this Valentines Day?

*Some products featured in this post are a PR sample, all opinions are 100% my own.

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