Wet n Wild Eyeshadow
Now that February is here you're going to hear and see lots of things around for Valentines Day. As a blogger of course I'll do some post around each occasion/holiday because why not!? I recently bought a few Wet n Wild palettes and mono shadows but two have really stood out to me. Instead of doing a whole makeup picks for Valentines I thought I'd just share these two shadows that I think would be perfect (not together) for the occasion! So whether you're in a relationship with someone or if Netflix is your bae we all still like to change up our makeup every now and then.

Wet n Wild Eyeshadow
Wet n Wild Eyeshadow
Now before we go any further I'm not writing this post as to wear both shadows at the same time, you could if you want, you do you! But I'm writing this because I think either one would be perfect for the day!

Starting with the Pink shade in 'Cheeky'. Personally I find wearing Pinks hard, as I can't wear anything to Barbie or anything too dull without looking, well pretty silly! This however is a gorgeous mix between a mauve and light pink creating the most gorgeous pink shade I have ever seen. I think this would look gorgeous for the day time with it smoked out slightly with a dark brown or even a purple if you're feeling brave! The shadow itself is so creamy and long lasting, it's crazy that it only costs €1.95.  Pairing it with a nude lip and winged liner I don't think you could really go wrong. Also for only €1.95 you could pick up 10 of them because they're basically a bargain, right!? I also find that if you put a white base under this it makes the colour a lot more vibrant. What I've been doing recently though is I've been wearing the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold under it and it just really adds some shine to the shadow and helps it last all day. Definitely give it a try!

The red glitter in shade 'Vices' is probably the most gorgeous red glitter shadow I have ever seen. Now I will admit I can't stand glitters because they're messy and end up down your face on your cheeks etc, and it basically becomes a nightmare but hear me out! With a little bit of lash glue and a flat top brush this looks absolutely gorgeous on the lid smoked out with black shadow and winged liner. It's Valentines after all and there really is no better colour than red! Again this Glitter shadow mono will only set you back €1.95 and I'm so gutted I didn't end up picking up some more for the price. As it's a glitter when you swatch it, it doesn't look as amazing as it does in it's pan, but a little lash glue makes it look just as pretty! I'm definitely going to try and do a makeup look ft. this shadow because it's just too gorgeous to go un-noticed in my opinion.

So whether you're going out for a meal or waiting for the Dominos delivery guy to deliver your pizza why not treat yourself to a new shadow for Valentines day!? After all you've earned it for just being you!

Would you wear these shades or are you more of a neutral kind of person?

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