Seventeen Instant Glow Gold Bronze Shimmer Brick || Beauty

Seventeen Cosmetics Shimmer Brick
Seventeen Cosmetics Shimmer Brick
Seventeen Cosmetics Shimmer Brick

No matter the season I still adore a good bronze and highlight it's just something that has become a staple for me. Seventeen is a brand that has stood out a lot to me this year, trying numerous amounts of their products throughout and enjoying every single one. They have fastly become one of my all time favourite drugstore brands so it's of no surprise that I have recently been loving another one of their products!

Zoella Beauty Awesome Drawersome Bathing Collection

Zoella Beauty Awesome Drawersome Bathing Collection
Zoella Beauty Awesome Drawersome Bathing Collection
Zoella Beauty Awesome Drawersome Bathing Collection

PHD Body Mist || Skincare

Fake Tan
Self Tan reach back
Fake Tan

Now that Summer has gone and we'll probably never see the sun again till next year (typical irish weather) it's time to fake the bronzed glowy skin. Personally I'm as white as a ghost once Summer is over so I'm always up for anything that will help me not look so much like a ghost.

I've Added Another Fluffy Animal To My Family || Life

Bunny Bunny

By now if you've been reading my blog for awhile you know I have a guinea pig named Sheldon who I treat like my child. Well since getting Sheldon I've always said that in the future I'd get a rabbit. Fast forward to having Sheldon for a year and a half I found a Bunny in the pet store that I fell in love with.
Meet Aurora!

The Daily Thoughts Of A Beauty Blogger || Life


Being a blogger I must say some of the things that go through my mind definitely weren't there before I started my blog, so I decided why not write them all down in a list because surely I can't be the only one who has these thoughts on a daily basis....right!?

• WAITTT...has the postman been here yet?

• How did she get her photos to look like that! Like seriously!? Did she have to make a deal with Satan for that skill because whERE DO I SIGN UP?

• Oh I need to upload to Instagram

• Did anybody see the postman around yet?

• Okay it's time to sit down and write up some posts.....

• Wait, how did I end up on Twitter?


Capture it, Remember it with || Life

Blurb Instagram Photo Book
Blurb Instagram Photo Book
Blurb Instagram Photo Book
Blurb Instagram Photo Book

Saving For A Rainy Day || Beauty


I'm back! After a week off from blogging I'm back full of inspiration and excitement, so let's get back into the blog posts!
When I was growing up I was always told to 'save your money for a rainy day' so that you could treat yourself to something nice however now that I'm much older I find myself keeping certain products for 'a rainy day'. Meaning I won't open these products until I feel a certain day comes around and I need a pick me up. As they haven't been opened I don't have to worry about trying to use them up before they go past their throw away date. I always find myself topping this little pile up with things every now and again that I feel like I don't need to use right now because I have other kinds opened already. Here's what's currently in my 'saving for a rainy day' pile.

Taking Time Out ♡

Relaxing Day
taken from my instagram account - find here

It has gotten to a stage where these past two weeks I've hit a wall and hit it hard. When it comes to blogging personally for me I have to be inspired and just in the moment of writing the post if that makes sense. However recently I'm finding it so hard to just sit and type up posts like I'd be able to normally. Besides having a notebook full of ideas and plans I'm still not feeling inspired.

I've never taken a break from blogging as I had a schedule and done a pretty good job at sticking to it and so that's why I'm going to give myself the next week off as a little blogging break. I haven't scheduled any posts to go live as I'm hoping after this little break I'll come back full of inspiration and ready to write as many posts as I possibly can!

Keep Your Lipstick Lasting All Day Long ♡


I will admit when I know I'm going to be out for the day I will pick one of the lipsticks in my collection that has good lasting power, or I will just opt for a nude lip so I don't have to keep reapplying every few hours. However I've found a product that will make even the lipstick with the worst staying power last on your lips for hours! 

DermaV10 Makeup Mitt ♡

Makeup Remover
makeup remover

I'm all about the easiest way of removing my makeup because I am lazy as hell and would much prefer to have a 3 minute skincare routine rather than a 10 minute one, so when something claims to remove your makeup the easiest way possible it makes my heart race a little with excitement. 

The dermaV10 Make-Off Mitt* is a product that claims to be able to break down the makeup on your face and effortlessly remove all traces of makeup without using a cleanser. To use this you just wet it with water and start wiping away your makeup.

I know I know you're already skeptical reading this post and to be honest as I read the description on the packaging so was I because really how could this work just using water and no product? Can I say Science because I can't think of a better answer!? The mitt is unbelievably soft and kind of reminded me of a tanning mitt....but softer and fluffier. (Wow Jordan you're so great at descriptions)

Brow Duo I Don't Know How I Lived Without ♡

Tanya Burr Brow Palette and Zoeva Brush
Zoeva Brush
Tanya Burr Brow Palette Swatch

Brows. One of the most important features on the face, I'm forever looking for the perfect products to use on them to make them look the best they can be. Before this I thought I had found my holy grail and probably used the same product for a year because I was so in love with it and don't get me wrong I still consider it quite good but I have yet to use it since this one came along.

My Favourite Things To Do On A Rainy Day ♡

Things To Do On A Rainy Day

The Autumnal weather is slowly creeping its way and I love it! Autumn is my absolute favourite time of the year and there's just so much that I look forward too. After being so used to sunshine and the heat (honestly I will not miss that) these past few months (well I live in Ireland so lets say weeks) we finally had a full day with just lashings of rain which got me thinking about my favourites things to do when it is raining, so hope you enjoy!

Wearing Cosy Pyjamas

There is literally nothing more I love than listening to the rain hitting your window and being all cosy inside with fluffy pjs on. This also calls for some comfy socks and of course a cosy blanket! Basically everything you own that is cosy, wrap yourself in it like a little cosy burrito.


Is there really any other better time to watch some Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars back to back? I think not! Who isn't obsessed with Netflix these days. On rainy days it is absolutely perfect for watching your favourite tv shows or movies on. 

What I Got For My 21st Birthday ♡

Birthday Cupcakes

Recently it was my 21st Birthday and I was well and truly spoilt. Personally I adore looking at what people got for their birthdays as it's one of my favourite posts to read so just like last year I decided to show you what I got. Well hopefully this year the photography is a lot better! As always I am in no way bragging at all and I'm truly grateful for all the wonderful gifts I received. So grab a cuppa and maybe something to eat as this is going to be quite a chatty post!
Update: it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be to photograph everything so please excuse how everything is laid out, it was the only way I could take photos of everything.

August Favourites ♡

August is one of my favourite months because it's my Birthday and who doesn't love their Birthday month! Also it means October is only two months away which means Halloween and it's oh so exciting! Here's what I was loving during the month of August.
Pretty Little Liars Thank you fo…