Bunny Bunny

By now if you've been reading my blog for awhile you know I have a guinea pig named Sheldon who I treat like my child. Well since getting Sheldon I've always said that in the future I'd get a rabbit. Fast forward to having Sheldon for a year and a half I found a Bunny in the pet store that I fell in love with.
Meet Aurora!

Aurora is 11 weeks old and is basically a ball of fluff with really big paws. Seriously her back feet are the size of Sheldon's face! I bought Aurora on the 17th of September and that is a day I don't think I'll forget because Sheldon was having none of it. He gave out and complained and gave out some more. He was also terrified of her which gave me a giggle because they're the same size so I'm not so sure what he was worried about.

She is such an adventurous little character which is totally new to me due to Sheldon being so god damn lazy. She has a nosey at absolutely everything and the other day while she was on my bed she jumped inside my jukebox, grabbed my 'into the woods' cd with her teeth and then threw it on the floor....I'm not exactly sure what kind of animal I bought to be honest, I was sold a bunny but I'm now not sure!

My phone is now just an explosive of Sheldon and Aurora pictures and literally when they start walking towards each other you can bet my phone is recording just incase something adorable happens. I've also found out that Aurora likes to spend 30 minutes every so often in a day to groom herself, yes 30 whole minutes! She also scrapes at blankets (like a cat would) to get them comfortable for herself. Shes so cute when she's eating with her little mouth and jaws and she's just so fluffy.

She's well content in her new home (even with Sheldon still giving out) as she's standing up one minute and the next she just flops onto her side for a chill, it's literally the funniest thing I've ever seen.

So there you go, while I was having a week off from blogging last week I bought a Bunny! I think I mentioned before on here that if I ever did buy one I'd call it Thumper but as she's a girl I thought Aurora suited her so well. Still sticking with the Disney theme for her name.

Have you got any pets?