Birthday Cupcakes

Recently it was my 21st Birthday and I was well and truly spoilt. Personally I adore looking at what people got for their birthdays as it's one of my favourite posts to read so just like last year I decided to show you what I got. Well hopefully this year the photography is a lot better! As always I am in no way bragging at all and I'm truly grateful for all the wonderful gifts I received. So grab a cuppa and maybe something to eat as this is going to be quite a chatty post!
Update: it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be to photograph everything so please excuse how everything is laid out, it was the only way I could take photos of everything.

Bambi Pop
Halloween Decor
21st Birthday Cupcakes

Starting with what my wonderful best friend (she informed me that she likes reading posts she's mentioned in, so milking the complements obviously! (joke btw) Hey Ais!)
I got some lovely gifts such as let's start with one of my faves the Thumper Cushion! I am so in love with this and incase you don't know I have a slight obsession with Bambi and Thumper (you'll realise in this post trust me!) I actually sent her a picture of this one day and asked her to buy me it (not meaning it though we just always say things like that) and two hours later she sent me a picture of it in her hand after getting me it! A+ friendship right there!

She also got me a Bambi Pop Vinyl Figurine because it's Bambi and it's frigen ADORABLE! She also pointed out that it's #94 and I was born in 94! #TheMoreYouKnow. Along with that she also got me a Bambi Makeup Bag and a Bambi Travel Bag (truth be told I also asked for these) and I am so obsessed with them they are just so cute and adorable and did I mention I loved them? To also help my Bambi obsession she picked me up some Bambi and Thumper Print Socks because who doesn't want to wear adorable socks! Oh and to finish off the whole Bambi theme which I loved, was a Bambi T-shirt which again if we're being honest here I asked for that too! My best friend is kind of like Santa you just send her on a list of things you want and she'll kindly get them for you.

Onto the not Bambi related items she also bought me Penelope on DVD because she really likes it and wanted me to see it. I think that's what she said, so I have to watch that soon! This is where I legit wanted to scream when I unwrapped my next gift which was Mac Studio Fix Foundation in NC20 I have never tried out a Mac foundation and I have been wanting to do so for the longest time and I legit died! (Thanks again Ais!)  We always have a little 'joke gift' and this year she picked me up a Little Miss Birthday book. Finally something that made me laugh, okay so I'm a person who never owns a winter coat like ever and her mum is always questioning my jacket choices when I'm up visiting in Winter which makes me giggle so Aisling (best friend) decided to pick me up this gorgeous Khaki Green Winter Coat and it's so super cosy and I really cannot wait for the colder weather to come in so I can start wearing it. It also has a huge hood, like it's huge you could fit two people in it and I love it and yes cold weather now please thanks!

Finally she bought me two more t-shirts that I am obsessed with! The first one says 'I work hard so my Guinea Pig can live a better life' I'm obsessed like I literally died when I opened it! The second t-shirt reads 'Bitch Craft' because legit life and I now own two of the coolest t-shirts in the world and I love them very much.
She wrapped all of my wonderful gifts in the best wrapping paper ever! Can you guess what it was? GUINEA PIGS and not just any Guinea Pig wrapping paper oh no! This one had GUINEA PIG DANCERS all over it! Best wrapping paper EVER!!
Thanks again Aisling for all the wonderful gifts I love everything, you're the best.

Then from my parents, brother, Sheldon and myself (because you gotta treat yourself!)

Firstly I came down to the kitchen Wednesday morning and everything was cutely set up on the table with Happy Birthday balloons everywhere. Along with everything that was pictured what wasn't included was the little Movie Night In Gifts (pretty sure they got the inspiration from what I done for my best friends birthday gifts)consisting of the Cinderella movie, two boxes of movie style popcorn, a tub of candyfloss, a tub of Cadbury's Marvelous Creations ice cream and four bottles of WKD. A starbucks was also waiting for me that morning!

Firstly from Sheldon (yes my Guinea Pig) he got me 12 vintage inspired Cupcakes which are seriously the most pretty things I've ever seen. It took myself 8 hours of convincing to actually eat one! For the record though they are super delicious, and yes I still have some left!
I was truly spoilt when it came to makeup and got so many items that have been on my wishlists for awhile!
So lets jump right in. Starting with Makeup.
Something I was super excited about was the Zoeva Rose Golden 2.0 Brush Set as I had got the original set last year and absolutely love them so I am even more in love with this set! They are just so super pretty to look at! I also got the Zoeva Brush Holder which now holds both sets and I just love it. If you know me in person or even just from online you'll know I'm all about Rose Gold and so when I seen the Rose Gold Eyelash Curlers I instantly fell in love. Like I now literally own the prettiest eyelash curlers I have ever seen. I was also very kindly got the Tanya Burr Eyeshadow Palettes and Brow Palette. I must say I was so surprised by the quality of these as I didn't expect them to be as good as they actually are. I also adore Tanyas lipglosses and wear them quite often so I was also given a Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Berry Picking which is such a perfect shade for Autumn and I cannot wait to start wearing it. I finally got the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and I am in absolute love with it. I have been wanting to try this for the longest time so was super excited to receive it. I also got the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette which is definitely the most gorgeous eyeshadow palette I have ever laid my eyes on. The pigmentation in this is just amazing and the shadows are just so soft! As my parents spent so much in Debenhams I also received three samples of the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation and two tubes of the Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Facebalm. Taking a quick break from stuff I can apply to my face I got a Barry M Matte Top Coat and Matte Black Nail Polish (which I forgot to include). I am obsessed with matte nails right now and the top coat makes everything matte and it is my favourite thing ever! I'm all about contouring, even with strobing as the new big trend contouring for me is going nowhere! So I was so excited to receive the Real Techniques Bold Metals 301 and the Eco Tools Face and Body Sculpting Brushes. Back to things I can put on my face. I have been really wanting to try some Smashbox products and so my parents picked me up the Smashbox Bestsellers Kit to try out. Inside included their photo ready primer, under eye primer and mascara which I cannot wait to start using. I adore Miley Cyrus and was so happy to finally own the Mac Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick and Lipglass. Both products are absolutely beautiful and I can see myself wearing them both alot! Finally I have a little obsession with mascara and could probably open a shop just selling that, so to add to my collection two I've yet to try out the Bourjois Volumizer which has a two step application and the Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof formula. I have heard so many things about both these mascaras so I cannot wait to try them out for myself. Oh I almost forgot my holy grail concealer was also got for me, the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 02. Who doesn't love this product. Finally something that was supposed to be in a different picture but how never a little Tealight Holder with a very me like quote!

I adore Homeware items and got quite some things to add to my ever growing obsession!
Gabby also known as Velvetgh0st released a range with Primark so I got the Gold Sequenced Cushion, the Bedding Set, Love Heart Shaped Mug, Fairylights and Key Holder. Is it just me or does anybody else have a collection of throws for the colder months? To add to my collection this adorable Fox Throw and oh my goodness this is the most softest throw I have ever felt in my life I just want to continuously rub my face on it. I also got a pair of Pillow Covers to go with Gabbys bedclothes because I have way too many pillows on my bed! Finally a Gold '&' Sign that I am obsessed with and a Orange Soda Pop Plastic Bottle which I think is so cool looking and it just reminds me of being younger, I'm not sure why but it does. I love fairylights and my room is currently full of them, I got a set of 20 Copper String Fairylights which I think are so cool as the wire is copper instead of the horrible looking plastic that is normally on them. Before leaving the homeware paragraph I also got a Copper Pumpkin, A Haunted House ticket sign and finally a Broomstick Candle Holder.

Finally onto the last few bits I got, something I thought was cool was the Camera Lens Cup. This legit looks like a camera lens when you look at it and I was so obsessed with it when I opened it. I cannot wait to have hot chocolates in it! Can't go without some new pyjamas and so to add to the Bambi and friends obsession I got some Cosy Thumper Pyjamas and can we now please have the cold Autumn weather so I can live in these. Finally I got a Maroon Crop Top and a Colourful Knitted Skirt that I actually cannot to start wearing in the cold weather. Finally I have been looking for a new bag for the last while as the one I was using was literally falling apart and oh my goodness I am in love with my new one. I got this gorgeous Powder Pink Handbag from my brother and I just adore it! Oh I also got some ear cuffs that are super pretty and I really like how they look on

Apologies for the ridiculously long post but hopefully you enjoyed having a nosey at everything I got. If you made it this far congrats on having so much patience because it legit took me three days to write this because I kept getting annoyed at how much I was writing!

Have you tried any of the products I got before, what are your thoughts on them?