I will admit when I know I'm going to be out for the day I will pick one of the lipsticks in my collection that has good lasting power, or I will just opt for a nude lip so I don't have to keep reapplying every few hours. However I've found a product that will make even the lipstick with the worst staying power last on your lips for hours! 

Lipcote is a little product that will change your lipsticks life. This little magical tube seals in your lipstick and liner to help it last for hours even while you're eating/drinking. I will say it has a strong scent when first applying due to it containing some alcohol to help set the lipstick but it wears off after a few seconds. When using Lipcote you simply apply your lipstick as you normally would and then blot it on a tissue. This helps any excess product be removed, you can apply more lipstick if the colour isn't as vibrant as you like but just be sure to blot it after every application so that the product will work.

Simply evenly coat your lips and slightly above your lip line in Lipcote leaving your lips apart for a minute or two to let it set. You're then good to go without having to worry about your lipstick. I am in absolute love with this product and I'm not entirely sure how I even lived without it. You can purchase Lipcote from their website or from Boots for just €4.25!

Have you tried Lipcote before?