Taking Time Out ♡

Relaxing Day
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It has gotten to a stage where these past two weeks I've hit a wall and hit it hard. When it comes to blogging personally for me I have to be inspired and just in the moment of writing the post if that makes sense. However recently I'm finding it so hard to just sit and type up posts like I'd be able to normally. Besides having a notebook full of ideas and plans I'm still not feeling inspired.

I've never taken a break from blogging as I had a schedule and done a pretty good job at sticking to it and so that's why I'm going to give myself the next week off as a little blogging break. I haven't scheduled any posts to go live as I'm hoping after this little break I'll come back full of inspiration and ready to write as many posts as I possibly can!

Something else that also has been bothering me lately is my Photography, I've never been so unhappy with it as I am right now so I really want to work on that aswell! I have great ideas in my head but when I lay them out in real life they just don't look as good as they did when I pictured them in my head. So I really need to have a think about this too.

Of course this does not mean I'm giving up blogging or even thinking about it as I really and truly enjoy it, but a week off never hurt nobody! I will of course still be on Twitter (here) and Instagram (here) because I'd never have the willpower to give up Social Media and if you're the kind of person who could, I bow to you!

See you in a week's time!


  1. I really hope you enjoy your little break and come back full of motivation! You're an absolutely incredible blogger and everyone hits that wall sometimes, so you deserve some time to yourself! x
    Aisling | Aislings beauty bytes

  2. I think a week off is a good idea. You want to love what you are doing and sometimes that means taking a break to find that passion again. I think that your dissatisfaction with your photography can also be put to good use by pushing you to keep learning more about taking photos and creating photos you are proud of. Your blog looks great so far though, so cut yourself some slack :) Love that mug btw!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  3. Hope you have a relaxing week! :)
    - Molly x


  4. Just found your blog and It's so adorable! Super inspirational, and you are a Disney lover like me!
    You have gained a new follower x

    Serena xx

    1. Oh wow, thank you so much lovely! Haha who doesn't love some Disney in their life :') x

  5. Oh, don't you worry about it hun! I hope you have a lovely break and when you come back hit the ground running, okay? p.s. Huge Disney fan right here just so you know haha~
    She Will Be

  6. Everybody needs a little time off sometimes! Enjoy your week off xx

    Liz | lotsofloveliz

  7. Hope your week is going great! Love that photo♥

  8. Hope you enjoy your break, sometimes that's all we need to feel more motivated and inspired :) Your photos are lovely, btw, I don't see why you'd be unhappy with them!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  9. As much as i'm going to miss reading your posts this week, i also think you deserve to take a break! You're doing such a great job!! I hope you will get inspired as never before very soon!! By the way, i still think your blog photos are one of the best i've seen!!



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