November 09, 2017

My Top SmashBox Picks

Smashbox has become one of my favourite brands. I honestly feel like everything they bring out I end up buying it because I know the quality is going to be amazing. So while going through my makeup drawers I decided to pick the 6 Smashbox products that I think everyone should try.

Starting with their Primers. My first ever product I tried from Smashbox was a primer and ever since then my love for their products grew. I've tried other primers from different brands over the years but no matter what I always go back to a Smashbox one.

November 06, 2017

Products I've Been Reaching For Lately

I love trying new products, I really do but I also really love having products that I get to use everyday because I love them so much and know that they do their job really darn well! Lately there's been a few items that no matter what I just keep reaching for so I thought I'd share my picks with you all.
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