Is it really August already? Seriously though this year is going by so quickly I'm starting to feel like that guy in Mean Girls when he rings his mum asking her to pick him up cause he's scared....same hun!!

July 26th saw the fifth year here of Darling Jordan. Okay so it wasn't always Darling Jordan, when I first started of course it was something totally different and it did take me two years to buy a domain HOWEVER it's still a thing so I'm going to stick with saying Darling Jordan has been here for five years. Which honestly is the longest hobby I've ever kept too. Yes it's not something I've stuck to constantly, the last two years worth of blog posts will vow to that but I legit just bought my domain for another year so your girl clearly has plans to stick around for another little while I'm guessing.
While I'm not the most consistent when I do feel like writing or sharing something I love I do really enjoy it and while they may not be anywhere near perfection I still absolutely love taking photos even if its just for Instagram, however they do eventually end up here at some point, but okay now I'm just blabbering. Basically Happy 5th Birthday Darling Jordan, and here's to the next!


So you may recall a few posts back (awks its probably like three ) I shared my tattoos that I've accumulated in a small space of time, well your girl only went and got another one to add to her collection (swear I was talking about Pokemon or sum.) On the 1st of July saw me go back into the same tattoo parlour to get my fourth tattoo,  literally flashback to January 2019 when I had no tattoos and no intentions of getting any to present August 2019 and I have 4!? Like who actually am I? Anyways incase you didn't see it sprawled all over my social media channels I got myself a Jonas Brothers tattoo. So let me take a quick second to explain The Jonas Brothers were my absolute faves when I was growing up. I'm talking my bedroom walls covered top to bottom in posters and losing my shit at their Burnin Up Tour in 2009. Ofcourse I was absolutely devo when they split but fast forward to 2019 they're back together and the world is saved. Anyway they released their latest album and I decided you know what! I adore these three wait... men so I'ma get this tattooed on me bc its cute af and I love them...incase I didn't mention that already!
So yeah this is my 'Happiness Begins' tattoo. Now this photo was taken the day after I got it done so my skin is really dry and red and just not cute but it's all healed now and cute and my skin isn't so bumpy so like we're just gonna ignore that part. Pain tolerance wise it honestly wasn't that bad, such a strange thing for me to say but because I know what to expect its not really anything crazy to worry about. I'd say on a scale of 1 - 5 it was a 2.5 it's actually not a bad place to get a tattoo so yeah. Just like my Taylor Swift 'Delicate' tattoo (find pictures here) I scrolled through ALOT of pages of fonts to find the perfect one. I didn't want to reuse the font I had previously got because it just didn't match the vibe and I'm absolutely obsessed with the font that I did get it in. The only thing I will say because of where it is placed I totally forget about it because I can't see it and it's only when I notice my reflection in the mirror or a window or something when I'm like ohmygod forgot about that! 

So in the picture above you may also notice I'm holding a signed card and it's because 24 year old me is still a big fangirl at heart and before the Happiness Begins album released the boys made a Uk Exclusive bundle that came with a signed card (when I tell you how annoyed I was that they wouldn't ship this too Ireland but it's fine because I got my way around it using a UK address and then getting it to me, long story but kinda not basically just not relevant or important) and of course you already know I was adding that straight to my basket and checking out as quickly as possible. Within a few weeks (literally felt like forever) it finally arrived along with three cassettes and they all now live inside a frame hung with pride on my wall. Slowly but surely 14 year old Jordans bedroom is starting to appear again and I am so TOTALLY okay with it all. 

Along with that I lost my shit over the fact that The Jonas Brothers liked my tattoo and shared it onto their Instagram story and still to this day you can find it in their 'Tattoo' highlights! Not even joking though I didn't know how much of a fangirl I still was until this happened I legit couldn't type and I was on the verge of tears. Then the next day after that they liked another one of my posts (quick note this kept happening right before Love Island would start so I'd never be able to pay attention fully to the episode) Then there was a day break aND THEN THE JOE FREAKING JONAS LIKED ONE OF MY TWEETS AND THAT WAS IT, RIGHT THERE IN THAT MOMENT I DIED BECAUSE JOE BLOOMING JONAS WHO IVE BEEN IN LOVE WITH SINCE I WAS 13 YEARS OLD KNEW OF MY EXISTENCE AND THOUGHT MY TWEET REPLY TO HIM WAS FUNNY ENOUGH THAT HE LIKED IT!!!! And then exactly 10 days ago they uploaded an Instagram post and me being my usual fangirl self commented on it AND THEY BLOODY SAW MY COMMENT AND LIKED IT AND I SWEAR THESE BOYS ARE LITERALLY TRYING TO GIVE ME AN ACTUAL HEART ATTACK!!! Can you tell I'm still not over it because I'm honestly still not over it. I'm so blooming excited to see them on tour in January, you can already bet that I'm counting down the days! 


August sees my Birthday month in full swing and to be honest a gal ain't counting down because she's turning 25 and truth be told it sounds way too old so she ain't for it. No like rly can I be like 23 again? Nothing extraordinary happened that year but it just sounds like a good age?! 
However it does mean I get to scroll through my favourite websites for hours creating a little Wishlist of all the fab new things I would like! Although I do feel like the list is currently getting a little out of hand because it's almost like every second thing I see I all of a sudden turn into the seagulls from Nemo and just start thinking... mine, mine, mine!

Something I am counting down too though is September, specifically the 22nd, 23rd and the 25th as I'm attending Ariana Grandes Sweetener Tour and I am SO EXCITED like I am literally so over the moon to be attending three whole dates of the tour. Yes I already know by the second date I am going to be feeling like absolute death but I am so ready! I have 2/3 outfits bought and ready to go so I've just one more to figure out and ugh I just love planning outfits. 

And now I think that's all my rambling finished, at least for this post. 

Until next time!