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Through the month of May I started to take the LQ Liquid Health Supplements for Hair, Skin & Nails*. Supplements and Vitamins are something I am absolutely dreadful at taking, when I was younger I used to be great at taking them but as I started to get older I just kind of gave up on them. However I had heard such great things about these supplements and it seemed that everywhere I went atleast one person would tell me about them, so when they ended up in my letter box I was so excited to see what the hype was about and give them a try for myself. 
So first of all I am going to say I do get acrylics on so I wasn't really taking these for the nails benefit and my hair is already pretty long and in quite good condition but what I did want these for was the skin benefit. Near mid April my skin started to break out and I was getting little patches of really really dry skin around my nose and mouth area and still to this day I'm not entirely sure what the cause of it was but they just wouldn't leave no matter what I tried. So these came at the best time because I was basically counting on them to help get my skin back to normal. 

Each box retails at €39.99 and are available to buy in Boots, each box contains 10 x 50ml bottles that you simply drink one of a day. They aren't the greatest tasting things you'll ever come across but its bearable. Plus there's not a ton in the bottle so you get through it quite quickly. 

Each bottle consists of Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Resveratrol, Silicon, Glucosamine,  Selenium, Vitamins & Sweetener. Now I'm definitely not going to lie and pretend I know what half of those words mean but after enquiring basically there ingredients that are just really good for your skin, hair and nails to make a long story short. 

I took these for a total of 20 days and I will stand by my word and say I did see a difference in my skin and even my natural nails under my acrylics seem to have just shot up in length which they don't tend to grow that fast usually. My skin has gone back to normal and any red irritated areas have thankfully packed their bags and left my face. I also seen a difference in the over all appearance of my skin as in it didn't feel as tight or dehydrated as it usually would especially after coming out of a shower etc. 

I have seen these work for so many people and I was slightly iffy as too if they would actually do much if anything for me but after personally seeing the results I'm definitely over the moon. 
Yes they're expensive but for a 10 day pack its well worth it if you feel you need a bit of a boost, especially if you want that extra little bit of help regarding skin, hair and nails!

I'd full on 100% recommend these and have actually since finishing them ordered myself a box on Boots online using my points because I truly believe they've made a difference to my skin and nails.

You can purchase a box for €39.99 on the Boots website here or alternatively you can get them from the LQ Liquid Health website here!

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