A Week Through My Lipsticks
Something I love wearing is lipsticks, however I do have to push myself to wear them. Sometimes I'm just not bothered and will pop a bit of lip balm on and go about my day but I'm trying to get out of that habit. I successfully made it through a week of wearing a different lipstick each day and I thought I'd share which ones I opted for out of my lip drawer.
A Week Through My Lipsticks
L-R Petal Metal, Domination, 01, Audition, Retro Red, Exposed, Spice Girl & Venus.

Smashbox Liquid Metal in Petal Metal: This is one of those lip products where it's not really a lipstick but almost a pigment but sticky like a gloss but too pretty not too appreciate...you know them kind of lipsticks!? Petal Metal is a gorgeous light metallic pink with a little bit of sparkle. As it's a 'liquid metal' it doesn't stay on long if you're eating or drinking and you do have to re-apply it after a few hours. I do wear this alone (as I did) but I also sometimes wear this over a liquid lipstick, to be exact I usually opt for the Smashbox 'in demand' liquid lipstick which they've sadly discontinued which I don't know why but the two together is a match made in heaven. 

L'oreal x Balmain in Domination: I was really excited for this launch last year because I knew the shades were going to be gorgeous and I was so right! This is one of those showstopper reds that you just instantly fall in love with. I'm a big fan of red lipsticks with a blue undertone and I think thats why I fell so in love with this shade. If you remember back to when they had celebrities choose their perfect reds and nudes etc I feel like this is very like Blake Lively's red shade. It applies so well and doesn't tend to bleed when it's on the lips which is always a bonus.

Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick in 01: I've mentioned this lipstick a couple of times before but still to this day I'm wearing it because I am just so OBSESSED with the colour and formula. Even better news they've released a few more different shades in the range and you can bet there at the top of my 'to buy' list! I absolutely adore this lipstick and I'm already on my second tube of it I love it that much! It's the most perfect matte nude while being so creamy and moisturising on the lips and did I mention I love it? See a more in depth post about it here. I also included it in my Top Products of 2017 post here.

Another Smashbox pick this time being their Be Legendary Lipstick in 'Audition'. This is the most perfect 'my lips but better' shade I've ever come across. It literally matches my lip colour so well and I think thats why I'm so obsessed with it, because I finally found the perfect colour for when I just want a nude lip but also don't want it to look like I'm wearing anything...that makes sense right!? I never have anything bad to say about Smashbox like legit everything I've tried I've fell in love with and their lipstick formula is no different! It's so creamy and moisturising on the lips and because this shade is basically the shade of my lips after eating I get away with not having to top it up if I'm feeling lazy although it does last quite well!

The Rimmel x Kate Moss 53 Retro Red is my go to Berry Lip, although it looks Red in the tube when applied it's the perfect berry toned red and I basically live in this in the Fall season so every time I see it in my lipstick drawer I think of all things Autumn which is my fave season (incase you didn't know). It's a semi matte finish meaning you don't actually have to wear a lipliner with it, personally it depends on how lazy I'm feeling that particular morning that determines if I'll use a lipliner or not. I'm not entirely sure if this is still an available shade because I feel like it was an anniversary limited edition kinda colour which is a shame because it is absolutely gorgeous.

Of course I couldn't get through the week without wearing some liquid lipsticks! My first pick being my trustworthy Kylie Lipkit in Exposed. I absolutely adore the formula of these and they last through absolutely anything and everything. I was beyond obsessed with Kylie Cosmetics last year (I think, maybe the one before that actually) and I mean I would buy everything and then customs on top of it all, legit so glad I'm over that phase. But still to this day I cannot fault these I know they were hit or miss with everyone but personally I absolutely adored them and still to this day do. 'Exposed' is the most gorgeous brown toned nude that I adore wearing and like I said it lasts on me all day long even through eating and drinking. I have done many posts about these, legit at one point it was all I was writing about it so I won't go on too long! I shared my top 5 picks last year back when it was legit the only brand I would use (yup it got that bad!) you can find it here.

Finally day seven arrived which I was sad about because it meant my holidays away from work ended *cries* but for the last day I decided to go with something a little more newer to my collection and decided to go with the Huda Beauty Lip Contour Kit in Spice Girl & Venus. I've recently featured this in a post all about Huda Beauty which you can find here. I absolutely love these lip kits because of how much fuller they make your lips look. While I was used to contouring my face I had never used anything to 'contour' my lips until these kits were in my possession. Containing one darker and then lighter liquid lip it's basically fool proof to use. They last pretty well too although I do find even though they are liquid lipsticks there staying power isn't strong enough to last through eating food. But still aint nothing wrong with having to freshen up a lipstick.

And there you have it, my week through my lipstick picks.