Huda Beauty
 I asked on Twitter and Instagram what was the next post you all would like to see next and Huda Beauty won. So here I am giving the people what they want ;) 
Huda Beauty blew up last year in the sense that I couldn't go onto any social media platform without seeing someone mention it or a photo popping up of it somewhere. For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a few bits from the range so obviously I was over the moon to finally see what all the hype was about. 

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette
The Desert Dusk Eyeshadow palette I was seeing absolutely EVERYWHERE! I honestly couldn't escape it, and with a palette that pretty I definitely commented about it an awful lot. I mean just look at it, it's beautiful. For a hefty €65.00 though I was like lets get real what if I buy this and it's actually horrendous?! And that people is why I never bought it for myself. 
The colour scheme is right up my street, I absolutely adore the burgundys, pinks, burnt oranges and everything in between! When I first opened this palette my eyes immediately went straight to the bottom row of shades and directly to 'Cosmo' 'Turkish Delight' and 'Saffron'. I mean have you ever seen prettier eyeshadow colours?! Ofcourse though I couldn't use this as soon as I got it because pictures had to be taken #bloggerproblems. I swear it only took me 2 days to get a bunch of photos so I could finally start wearing what are the actual shadows like to work with...well...
Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette
I will admit some colours are quite powdery and not the most pigmented thing I've ever come across, eg. the first three colours swatched on my arm aren't the best thing I've ever seen but then again they are quite light colours so you may not use them an awful lot. The glittery shades are like actual silk they blend and go on the eye so easily and just feel so luxurious. The actual pressed glitter 'Cosmo' (fourth last swatch on the right) definitely has to be used with some sort of adhesive to get the full effect of the shade but the colour is stunning and I have tried it on my lid with some Duo glue and it definitely stood to it! Some of the matte shades are stunning in quality and how well the colour pay off is where as some are very powdery and barely have any colour pay off. I did find that I had to dip my brush in some a lot more than others just to get the colour to look as intense as it does in the pan. Something I will also mention is there is a lot of fall out when you dip your brush into the pans, don't expect to keep this palette clean, after one use mine looked like it had been through a war.

Over all I will say there are more positives that over rule the negatives about this palette. Some shades work really well and others you just gotta work a little bit more with them to get the full colour pay off. Once on the eyes though they stay there with their full intensity until you take it off which is amazing. They also don't crease on the eyes no matter how long you're wearing them for (I have tested this many times already). So yes in my opinion if this is a palette you've been eyeing up recently and you're in two minds about whether you should get it or not I say treat yo self! 
Huda Beauty Lip Contour Kit
Huda Beauty Lip Contour Kit
 In my collection I also have two of the Lip Contour sets which fun fact I found in Tk Maxx so definitely keep an eye in your local store because I was so happy when I found both of them AND they were sealed so nobody had opened them which was a bonus because normally the Tk Maxx Beauty section does be a bit of a mess and 9 times out of 10 everything has been opened! The Lip Contour sets contain a full sized lipliner and two mini liquid lipsticks one being a darker shade and the other being lighter so you can create the illusion of full plump Kylie Jenner lips but without all the needles. 
I have the sets Spice Girl & Venus aswell as Trendsetter & Bombshell, both sets which are nude toned browns which are my favourite kind of lip shades to wear. I must say really quickly that I also love the packaging for these and just think the box is so pretty. The lipsticks themselves I'm in two minds about so lets get into that.

Firstly lets talk about Spice Girl & Venus.
Huda Beauty Lip Contour Kit
I absolutely adore this colour combination! So the first shade is Spice Girl then we have Venus and then the lipliner which comes in the Spice Girl shade. This lip kit is my favourite out of the two (you'll soon find out why when you read about the other two) it lasts all day on the lips comfortably  and I think it just gives the most natural looking illusion of bigger lips because of the warm toned colours. You can also wear them on their own obviously but mostly I've been wearing both together. Some liquid lipsticks when you apply a second layer especially being another colour things can go patchy and feel uncomfortable but not these, you can barely feel them on your lips and the formula is quite thin while still giving the highest colour pay off possible. The lip liners are amazing and I cannot fault them at all, infact I'm going to say I like these more than Mac liners just because of how smooth they glide on the lips and yeah they're just fab!

Now onto Trendsetter & Bombshell
Huda Beauty Lip Contour Kit
At a first glance you would think you're looking at the exact same swatch and you're probably thinking 'Jordan did you add the wrong image?' but no there different I promise, remember I love brown toned nudes! The slight difference in this duo is they are more orange toned browny nudes.
So remember when I said in the last part you'd find out why the other kit is my favourite well theres no other way to describe this but Trendsetter (only that shade, first one in photo) in this kit is very I honestly don't know if it was just a dodgy tube but when you apply this (even with a lipliner) it just bleeds out of the lipliner and you can see the oily residue from it and its quite disgusting and I'm really sad about it because it's such a gorgeous colour. Bombshell (second swatch) is absolutely perfect and goes on really nice just like the other two and the lipliner is just as creamy as the other so it's all down to the Trendsetter liquid lipstick. I don't even know what to do about it because I'm like is it everyones like this or just mine?! 
So this lip kit I kinda have just abandoned for that reason because no matter how much I shake the bottle the oil is just like hello I am here and it's just really annoying.
So I'd recommend any other kit over this one just incase all the Trendsetter formulas are like this. Let me know if you have this one though and if it's any different because I'm very curious. 

So there you have it! The eyeshadow palette I would still 100% recommend to anyone along with the Spice Girl & Venus lip kit but I'd stay clear of the Trendsetter contour lip kit as I was so let down by it.