Travelling back to January 28th saw my little boy turn four years of age. I was ready to not write this little post but after going through my 'pets' section of my blog I noticed that I documented his last three birthdays so it didn't feel right just skipping over this one so I decided to share some photos of his birthday party with you all.

This year as he was turning four I decided it was time for a house upgrade, I mean he's getting to be a big boy now so I wanted him to have his own little mini mansion rather than the one cage that he had lived in since we had got him. So off I went to nosey through the web and found a cage that in my mind was the same length and width as his previous one but it was just going to be a tad bit taller because it had two storeys. Long story short I cannot use a measuring tape nor was the cage anywhere near the same size. This thing is massive and I ended up having to re-arrange my whole room to accommodate it and I had a few breakdowns over it on Snapchat while building it but I'm all good now. 

So with his bed being his main gift he also awoke to lots of his favourite treats and a new little bed/tent which is shaped like a little castle and it says 'my prince' on it, the pet shop had it wayyyy over priced but I still bought it because it's cute and I knew he'd love it and of course I was right he loves being cosy and anything with fleece. I also ordered him a little 'mattress' 'hammock/hideaway' and 'pillows' that are coming from Singapore but I'm actually still waiting for them to arrive as they were handmade and took a few weeks to complete. 

However the day was fun and while he probably had no clue what was going on he definitely loved being surrounded by treats all day long! 

Happy 4th Birthday little boy