Getting Party Season Ready

The Festive Season is quickly approaching which means people are running around like crazy picking up gifts for people while Michael Buble greets you in every shop with his Christmas album. Something else the Festive Season brings along is Party Season, it's the time of year where glitz and glamour is totally acceptable and who doesn't love a good 'oul glass of Processo while struggling to walk in them darn pretty shoes you just had to buy because they would go so well with your outfit!?

As Party Season approaches of course it means so does a whole other routine too. I mean we can't just slap on a facemask and be done with it..oh no Party Season is a whole other routine, I mean we basically need a week to prepare for that dreaded work Christmas party that you kind of want to go to but also would rather be home with a hot chocolate in hand snuggled in a blanket on front of the fire. The struggle of acting like the Grinch trying on ten different outfits, throwing a tantrum saying you're not going and then ending up at the exact event you said you weren't going too...the struggle is real.

My Top SmashBox Picks

Smashbox has become one of my favourite brands. I honestly feel like everything they bring out I end up buying it because I know the quality is going to be amazing. So while going through my makeup drawers I decided to pick the 6 Smashbox products that I think everyone should try.

Starting with their Primers. My first ever product I tried from Smashbox was a primer and ever since then my love for their products grew. I've tried other primers from different brands over the years but no matter what I always go back to a Smashbox one.

Products I've Been Reaching For Lately

I love trying new products, I really do but I also really love having products that I get to use everyday because I love them so much and know that they do their job really darn well! Lately there's been a few items that no matter what I just keep reaching for so I thought I'd share my picks with you all.