Happy New Year!
I thought there would be no better way to start off the new year than with a What I Got For Christmas post. I've literally been searching for these posts on twitter and have been reading every single one because I bloomin love seeing what everyone got! So I decided to carry on the tradition here on Darling Jordan and show you all what I received for Christmas.
In my stocking this year was the Rimmel Gel Liner, Stay Matte Powder and the ever so famous 107 lipstick. Literally I could never get my hands on this lipstick, no matter where I went it was always out of stock so I'm so happy to finally own it! Along with those there was also two of the Garnier Moisture Bomb face masks, which I honestly cannot get enough of. Like since these have been released I swear I've been using one at least once a week, just so good!
I also got a gorgeous Marshmallow & Peppermint bathing set all packed into a cute little pink tin with candy canes on it! Inside is a body wash, body scrub, body butter and hand cream. The scent is absolutely divine.

Fragrance wise this year I got two! I was gifted Olympea by Paco Rabanne from work, I have wanted this fragrance since last year but wouldn't spend the money on it for myself. I'm so beyond excited to finally have a bottle of it for myself, it's totally different than the usual scents I go for but it is honestly one of the most gorgeous scents I've ever come across. 
I also got another bottle of the Ari by Ariana Grande as I'm obsessed and it is literally my favourite perfume ever. I mean the bottle is adorable, there is a pom pom on it, and if that doesn't scream cute then what does!? Plus like I said the scent is my absolute fave, it's just such a sweet girly fragrance. This is now my back up as I have just opened a new bottle after running out of my last, so at least I know I won't be running out anytime soon. 
Whats Christmas without some candles!? I got the Zoella candle duo to add to my collection of candles. I also got two sets of Yankee Candle tea lights that I forgot to include in the pictures as they're downstairs, when taking these photos I thought I had everything up in my room, but sure whats these kind of posts without forgetting an item or three! 

My main Christmas gift this year was the Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Bundle that I got back in November because there was no way I could have lived with that wrapped under the tree for a month, like I would have went mad not being able to use it. I done a post all about it and everything in it here if you'd like to have a read of it all! If you're new here you'll soon realise that I'm a tad obsessed with Kylie Cosmetics...just a tad.
I also finally got the Zoella Notebook, that I've decided will be my blog book for the year, where I keep all my ideas etc in. I've been after this since it was launched but refused to pay the €19 price tag, but yay now I finally own it and it's so pretty. Watch this now appear in every second Instagram post from now on.
Keeping on the Zoella theme I also got Girl Online Going Solo which I will admit I cannot wait to start reading. I absolutely adore this series and cannot wait to see what happens in this story. I've avoided all spoilers since it's been launched so now I'm just waiting for a quiet day to come along where I can sit and relax and get reading.

Going back to Kylie Cosmetics for a moment (I love it, remember!?) I also got the Burgundy palette which I have lusted after since it was released but just never got around to ordering it. Of course I got this in early December along with her brush set and stocking because like i said I wouldn't be able to relax having to wait a month for it. I'm beyond impatient when it comes to these things, I'm one of those people who always gets my main Christmas gift before Christmas because I just cant hold out my excitement.
The Soap and Glory The Whole Glam Lot was a surprise as I witnessed this sell out so fast and never thought about how I wanted it until it was sold out, so it was a nice surprise! I mean whats Christmas without a little Soap and Glory in your life!?

Another early present (I know) I got was the new Call of Duty game. I actually got this on the midnight release because my parents are awesome and yeah I absolutely adore these games. I've played them throughout the years and continue to get them every Christmas, it's almost become a tradition. While one game was released I was lucky enough to be bought the Legacy Edition which was a more expensive version as it has two games, and it took over my life to be honest and my sleeping schedule for a solid month.

Whats Christmas without some movies, I got Wreck it Ralph, Zootropolis and Inside Out on DVD. All which I had been wanting to buy myself but again it was just one of those things that I refused to spend money on. I've basically been watching these back to back, I just adore all three.
Finally I got some Sports Bra sets. Not because I'm planning on joining a gym or anything like that, but just for the reason that I am obsessed and I wear them to lounge around because aint nobody got time for bras when you don't need to leave the house! I got a Grey Soulcal & Co set which is so blooming comfy I'm obsessed, and a black Firetrap sports bra.

Finally the best till last I got a pair (I actually got two) of Kylie thongs because she launched a clothing range and obsessed remember!? I got a tee aswell but I'm currently wearing that so I couldn't post a picture but I'm sure you'll see it on Instagram at some stage. But I got the Kylie Sports set and I am in love with it!! I mean just look at it, I'm so obsessed and ugh I'm just so over the moon that I got one.

I'm so happy with everything I got this year and truly enjoyed my Christmas. Along with gifts I ended up doing up surprise stockings for my family and was so excited to surprise them with them Christmas morning. I absolutely adore giving people gifts and seeing their reactions, it's always so much fun!

What did you get for Christmas?