The Must Have Princess Bag

When Victoria's Secret opens a shop 20 steps away from where you treat yourself.
When you work in retail, dealing with the public day in and day treat yourself.
When payday arrives you definitely go and treat yourself!

hi my name is jordan and i like to treat myself to pretty things.

Yes thats right Victoria's Secret has opened a shop across from where I work and I god darn want every single thing they are selling. After waiting all month for payday to finally arrive I treated myself to the one thing I had my eye on since the store opened! 

I'm not sure what it is about Victoria's Secret but I just feel like a child in a toy shop wanting and wishing for everything, but one thing I can't help myself with is pinky nude handbags..can you guess what I bought yet? 

My Room Mate Is So Loud At Night

Sheldon and I have been living together over 2 years now and theres certain things I've learned about him over the years. One being when I go to bed he likes to make as much noise as he possibly can! At first I thought it would just be a phase and he'd get over it and know when it's bedtime its time to go to sleep....oh boy was I wrong.

ScoobyBox || A Monthly Box Of Dog Goodies!

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days and while everyone gets excited over the next Beauty Box I'm sitting here getting excited over the next animal subscription box coming through my door! When we got Aragón I knew there were a lot of subscription boxes for dogs so I went and looked through every one I could find. I ended up choosing ScoobyBox as it was located here in Ireland and I really liked what they had previously included in boxes and I just felt as if they really cared about giving your pooch the best of the best!

Products Worth The Hype

Products Worth The Hype
I find when you read others blogs about new releases and products they swear by, you end up picking up a lot of things because this blogger said is was good and she swears by it etc etc. Sometimes the products end up working really well for you and other times they end up being thrown to the back of your makeup collection never to be touched again. Today I decided to feature products that I think are definitely worth the hype around them!

I Gave Into The Hype || Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics
I've no shame in saying I love me some Keeping Up With The Kardashians days, I will literally spend hours just binge watching the show! However when you slap their name on a product I'm more than likely not going to pick it up. However with Kylie Cosmetics causing such a scene since they were first released, and people telling me I needed them, while others told me they were a waste of money I decided to see what I thought and ordered myself four different ones when she restocked! 

eBay Makeup Brush Bargains || Are They Worth It?

Real Techniques Dupe
Every now and then I get into this mood that I just want new makeup brushes. Sometimes I don't even know what ones I want but I know that I'm going to be online with my bank card beside me ready to order some. Thats exactly what happened a few weeks ago and I decided to order these Real Techniques imitation Bold Metal brushes.

Happy 1st Birthday Aurora

Happy Birthday Aurora
It's July 9th which means it's Auroras 1st Birthday! Just like any other occasion there were gifts, lots of food and plenty of photos taken. So as always I'm here to share them all with you lot. Theres also a whole lot of videos and photos over on my Snapchat right now, so make sure to add me over on 'darlingjordan' so you don't miss a thing! 

June Round Up

Be Positive
June has finally come to an end and I'm not sure I'm happy or sad about it. I decided to do a little round up of everything that I liked/dis-liked during the month. I love writing these posts and I especially love being able to look back at them. This month Darling Jordan turns 2 so I cannot wait to look back on some posts this month especially.

Makeup Loves:
Sleek Matte Me Lipcreams really won me over in June because I finally picked some up to try! I know how late on the bandwagon am I!? However I obsessed over 'Birthday Suit" last month and wore it almost every second day of the month. It really is just the perfect nude shade and I honestly cannot get enough of it. 

Lottie London Soap Star has seriously changed me as a person. I know how over dramatic of me, but I've never washed my makeup tools so much since buying this product. It literally leaves your brushes/sponges looking brand new in just a couple of seconds. It's fragrance free, gentle on your brushes, affordable and just brilliant! I literally wash my brushes every week because of this product now.

I also slightly obsessed over the Freedom Makeup Brow Duo Powder in medium brown. Both shades mixed together is the perfect shade for my brows. It's not overly powdery and it applies really nicely. It also lasts all day without any brow setting gels!

Meet The Newest Addition To Our Family

It feels like it wasn't so long ago when I was writing a post like this introducing you all to Aurora, (who is turning 1 in just a few days!) well it's actually been 9 months but it's come to that time again. Yes we've added to our family once again! If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat you may have already met him but I thought just like the others he deserved to be introduced on my blog too.

Meet Aragón
Husky Puppy

The Only Primer You Need To Get You Through This Heat

Smashbox Primer Water
Primers. The thing that will make or break your makeup after a few hours, well in my opinion anyway! 
My holy grail primer has changed throughout the years but since last year it's been the Smashbox Hd Primer, it just keeps my makeup looking fresh all day and keeps it all in tact. But I wanted to try something new because this heat has been making me feel as if I'm melting and underneath all my makeup I can guarantee that my cheeks are as red as a tomato.