Quick Ways To Relax After A Long Day

I'm finally back with a new blog post! If you're wondering where I've been make sure you check out my last blog post here which explains everything!
My life right now consists of work and getting as much sleep as I possibly can, however I will say that some evenings I just can't relax or feel chilled so I decided to share whats been helping me relax these past few weeks when my mind just doesn't want to shut off. As I'm sure you all know by now I love a good oul' pamper night, who doesn't!? But I don't have the time to be able to do them because of my work schedule so I like to consider these a little 1 step pamper to help me relax.

Life Lately - Starting A New Job & Aurora's Operation

So I thought it was finally about time I did a little update post again on life as over the past week a lot of things have changed and I feel like a lot of things are going to change here on Darling Jordan too!

Seventeen Lacquer Liner Wet Look Finish

When it comes to makeup I have a few of my essentials that will never be swapped out. One of them being Gel Liner, however that doesn't mean I don't like to try new things every now and then. Myself and liquid liner never got on, I think it's because I know how thin the brush is and start to panic immediately messing it up. I've been trying out the Seventeen Lacquer Liner for the past while now and I think I've finally worn it enough to have an actual opinion on it! 

Some Bunny Loves You

Honestly this is probably the most random post I've ever written as there wasn't much to say, however I recently added some Easter decor to my little blogging area and really like it so I thought I would share it with you all. I will admit since taking these photos I may have added a few more things, but I guess you'll just have to follow me on Instagram to see those!

Current Lush Picks

Who doesn't love some Lush in their life!? Recently I've been adoring two of their products and since they're now almost gone *cries* I thought I'd share my two favourites. It really makes me sad that I don't have a Lush in my town which means I don't really get to try a lot of their products I'd like too and I know you can order online but I much prefer being able to smell products before buying them.

Shaving vs Epilating || The Beauty Routines We Don't Talk About

Shaving vs Epilating
As I was sitting at my desk the other day brainstorming blog post ideas it came into my head that we don't talk about some beauty routines, even though we all probably use them atleast once a week. So I thought why not start a little series here on Darling Jordan all about the Beauty Routines We Don't Talk About! To start it off I decided to jump into the world of shaving vs epilating, because why not!

Faking It As A Blogger || Does It Matter What You Use To Take Photos

After my last post of Faking It As A Blogger || What I See vs What You See I knew it was something I wanted to make a little series of here on Darling Jordan, so I'm back with the second installment! Only this time it's all about does it really matter if you use a DSLR or a phone camera to take your blog photos! So I layed out different products and took a photo with my camera and my iPhone to see is there really that much of a difference.Flatlay Beauty Products
Flatlay Beauty Products

De-Clone Your Hairstyle With Toni&Guy

London Fashion Week has been and gone and even though it's all about the fashion I do adore looking at the hairstyles that are created. Especially when Toni&Guy are involved. When it comes to my hair even though I did study hairdressing I'm very plain, I like to keep my hair poker straight and wear it down. So when the Toni&Guy Deep Barrel Waver* came through my postbox I was excited to add some texture to my hair.

Catching Up With Life

I feel as though I haven't wrote a life update post in the longest time. These are one of my absolute favourites so I thought what a better way than to start the week writing something I love writing. I used to do these posts as an Instagram update, however since I've committed to a "theme" it is a little harder to use photos to explain the week as the photos on Instagram have been planned a week in advance, shocker right!? However I still really like the fact of interperating my Instagram posts into these life ones so decided to do it a little differently this time around. If you're not following me on Instagram already you can find me here!

Mothers Day With Cheerz

CHEERZ Mothers Day Box
Mothers Day is just three days away and if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen these wonderful Cheerz products that I am so excited about giving to my Mum! Cheerz brought out a special Mothers Day Cheerz Box* and a set of Mothers Day Magnets* this year and oh my are they truly adorable! I adore gifts that you can personalise and these Cheerz gifts are no exception! I was blown away by the quality and I can totally see myself ordering more in the future! It was so hard to narrow down the pictures to use in this post as I am so obsessed with everything.