I'm finally back with a new blog post! If you're wondering where I've been make sure you check out my last blog post here which explains everything!
My life right now consists of work and getting as much sleep as I possibly can, however I will say that some evenings I just can't relax or feel chilled so I decided to share whats been helping me relax these past few weeks when my mind just doesn't want to shut off. As I'm sure you all know by now I love a good oul' pamper night, who doesn't!? But I don't have the time to be able to do them because of my work schedule so I like to consider these a little 1 step pamper to help me relax.

 Lighting a candle beside my bedside instantly helps me feel more relaxed, I think it's just the flickering flame that lights up the room all warm and cosy that I just love. Plus when the candle you're burning smells like Salted Caramel who isn't going to love feeling chilled whilst the scent of Salted Caramel fills the room around you. I also have some decorative jars that are tea light holders which I also like to light around my room as candles burning for me is just a sense of calmness. So grab your favourite candle scent and some tea lights and relax at the glow it sets around your room and watch the flame flicker, it's quite the relaxing thing to do!

 Something I've been trying to get back into is reading books as I do find it such a lovely thing to do, who doesn't love to be lost in a good book. Recently I purchased the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & other stories book and I've been reading it a little bit every night and it really helps me to just calm my body down and feel chilled. I have tried reading books on my iPhone etc and it really just isn't the same as having a book in your hand. The only dangerous thing I find is that when I find a good book and really get into the story line it does not matter how tired I am, I need to read the next chapter and the one after that to see what happens, then it's 3am and I've read the whole book in a day.

I've also really enjoyed colouring lately, of course my colouring book is a Disney Princess one and it's just so relaxing to colour and it's such a fun thing to do as well! I swear I've spent hours colouring different pages and it just makes you feel so relaxed and it's such a peaceful thing to do, well until you realise you can't shade or don't have the right colours, thats a pain! But otherwise it's a nice thing to do!

Chocolate and face masks are probably my favourite combo! With Easter just gone I'm sure we all have some left over chocolate stashed away somewhere, so grab a chocolate egg and a facemask and melt away into the land of relaxation, calmness and chocolate! Personally for me a 7th Heaven facemask cannot be beaten as they're affordable, easy to apply and have so many different ones to target different problems etc.
Chocolate wise, yes I'm currently sat here eating the Golden Eggs featured in this photo, if you haven't tried them over Easter yet go to the shop immediately before they stop selling them because they are so fab.

Of course I couldn't not mention how watching one of your favourite movies can help you relax and just feel good. Recently my go to movie is Sex and the City 2 as it's one of my absolute favourites and just such a girly feel good movie. I always find too that once I'm in bed all snug that a good movie will also help me fall asleep which is great because those nights where you just can't fall asleep or get comfy are the absolute worse in my opinion!

So go grab all those chick flicks from your collection or turn on Netflix and relax with the fluffiest blanket you own and just feel bliss!

What helps you relax?

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