Shaving vs Epilating
As I was sitting at my desk the other day brainstorming blog post ideas it came into my head that we don't talk about some beauty routines, even though we all probably use them atleast once a week. So I thought why not start a little series here on Darling Jordan all about the Beauty Routines We Don't Talk About! To start it off I decided to jump into the world of shaving vs epilating, because why not!

Gillette Venus Snap Razor
To be honest I only started shaving in December of last year as before this I would use an epilator, before that I would just go and get waxed and before that I would just use hair removal cream. However I decided to start shaving as I knew how quicker and less painful it was going to be than using an epilator or waxing. So off I went to purchase a razor in Boots and to be honest because I never used one I had no idea what the hell I was looking at or for. I learned while staring at them all for a good five minutes that you can get numerous blades on each one, I also learnt that razor head refills are god damn expensive, €30 for 5 heads am I made of money? 
Anyhow I settled on the Gillette Venus Snap as it's tiny and cute and I love anything travel sized, literally there is no other reason. Usually €13.99 but it's on offer at the moment in Boots for €6.99! 

Fast forwarding to what I've learned so far
Yes I've cut myself a numerous amount of times without even realising and it hurts!
However it is probably the quickest hair removal process I have ever tried. But because you're only cutting hair at the surface the results won't be as lasting as if you were to wax or use epilating. 
Probably the only pain to it really (other than accidentally almost amputating your leg) is that after a few days you'll have to do it all over again. Especially now the warm weather is starting to show and you have to pack away those thick tights! 

My parents always told me to stay away from shaving (true story) hense the 21 year wait, because it doesn't last long and apparently makes hair grow back thicker. I studied to become a Beautician for some time and was told that was a myth while studying however I don't think it is. When you wax or use an epilator your hair does grow back much finer where as I find using a razor it just grows back much more densely. However for now it's my go to routine because it's quick, easy to do in the shower and gets the job done without any pain, unless you cut yourself.
Remington Epilator
Epilating is a whole different story, lets just say it hurts!
I've used an epilator when I just couldn't get used to the pain of waxing and to be honest this is probably worse BUT (yes there is a but!) you kind of get used to this pain. I just didn't like the whole fright of a wax strip being teared off me so I purchased the Remington Epilator, I bought this years ago so I'm not sure of the exact model or price but it was around the €40 mark.

An epilator is basically a little machine full of tiny tweezers that, well to put it simple they rip the hair out from the root meaning that it lasts just as long as waxing as you have to grow a whole new hair follicle. When you first see one of these turned on and see how fast it goes it's scary, I'm talking horror movie scary because you're expecting it to rip off your skin. However you do get use to it eventually and it doesn't be as sore, but that doesn't mean I dread it any less.

This is what I was using before I started shaving and what made me decide to buy a razor was how time consuming this is. This literally takes forever. You could literally have no hair on your legs and one leg would still take at least 10 - 15 minutes to complete. I eventually got sick of it and moved on. The results using this was much better though as you'd get at least 3 weeks out of it before having to use it again. While using this I also noticed that hair does grow back much thinner and finer than it does when you shave.

Although shaving is perfect at the moment as it's quick and easy and takes no time at all, I think I will end up going back to my trusty epilator for the likes of Summer because of how lasting the results are!

We do have a laser hair removal machine but I just don't think I'm brave enough to face that just yet!

What do you use to remove hair?

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