After my last post of Faking It As A Blogger || What I See vs What You See I knew it was something I wanted to make a little series of here on Darling Jordan, so I'm back with the second installment! Only this time it's all about does it really matter if you use a DSLR or a phone camera to take your blog photos! So I layed out different products and took a photo with my camera and my iPhone to see is there really that much of a difference.Flatlay Beauty Products
Flatlay Beauty Products

Natural Lighting

When it comes to taking blog photos I really cannot praise natural lighting enough. Trust me when I say it's the only thing you need when it comes to taking your blog photos. If you have a camera fine but if you don't, you can use what you already have. Blogging shouldn't have to cost you anything.

When you take a photo with artificial lighting eg. your bedroom light it creates a very orange glow to the photo and it's really hard to get rid of it when it comes to editing it. I'd also recommend having no flash on, a flash tends to drown out the products colours I find. So definitely try taking your photos near a window with your phone/camera with your flash off!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Mascara
Rimmel Wake Me Up Mascara


A tripod is actually a really handy thing to have, whether you're using your camera or your phone. You can get one for both and it just makes it that little bit easier to take photos as the device is kept steady and in the one place. Its especially perfect if you're not great at keeping the device steady by yourself, some angles I find are harder to stay steady for than others. I have only actually discovered that I own a tripod for my Canon camera and it's actually been pretty helpful! 

I have ordered a tripod for my iPhone from eBay and cannot wait to get it. I had one before but it broke but it just made taking my Instagram photos that more easy. You can get tripods for your phone for a couple of euro and I'm pretty sure I've paid €3 with free p&p for my one currently in the post. 

Ari by Ariana Grande
Ari by Ariana Grande

Positioning Smartly

It's all about faking having gorgeous marble tables and distressed floorboards in blogger land ;) So when it comes to taking your photos make sure you have things placed smartly and have no gaps showing. For example make sure your marble background is the only background you can see and not your messy room in the left hand corner of the background! Hands up who's room is messy right now!? *raises hand*

Flatlays are not my strongest point but it's fun to play around with them, so have fun while doing so! Take any little nicknacks that may be around your house and use them as props! The list is endless really.  Take multiple photos of the same thing and play around with different angles until you find the perfect one.

Freedom Makeup Concealer Palette
Freedom Makeup Concealer Palette


Editing photos is such a fun thing to do in my opinion as you can really change how a picture looks. You can brighten, add some more contrast, add some warmth, the list in endless. Again just like how you don't need a fancy camera to take photos you also don't need a fancy editing programme as there are many accessible ones on the internet.

If you have photoshop that's great! For the first year of blogging I used Macromedia Fireworks to edit my photos as I had been using it for years and so knew all the functions of the programme. However going into my second year I have been loving Picmonkey! It's such an easy site to use and does everything I need it too. You could also try out Pixlr, Fotr, the list is endless!

When using your phone you don't even need to upload it to your computer without having it edited because there's even so many great apps out these days! Apps such as Afterlight and VSCO Cam can bring your photo to life in just a few simple steps! 


So in my opinion I don't think it matters what you take your blog photos on at all, once you're using natural lighting and thinking smartly about how you place things in your photos you're good to go. Remember editing can also make a big difference to your photos too and can really make them pop. I'm not going to tell you how to edit them because everyone has different tastes, but if you're happy and proud of your photos that is all that matters!

I have included photos in this post, with each photo featuring one taken by my camera and the other taken by my phone. When editing the photos of course the camera photos are a lot more crisp as the quality of the canon camera are better than the iPhone 6 plus camera. However because I'm not used to editing iPhone photos I think people could do a much better job than I did and really make them look fab. Reason I know this is because I follow people who take their blog photos on their phone and they look better than the photos I even take on my camera! 

I would love to know your opinion on this subject! 

What do you use to take your blog photos?

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