Sheldon Turns 2

Guinea Pig
If you follow me on Instagram I'm sure you'll have noticed that my little Sheldon turned 2 on Thursday the 28th. The day had me feeling like a proud mother but also like I was getting old because my little ball of fluff is growing up *sobs*. Sheldon's day consisted of treats, treats and some more treats with some naps in between. I took a few little snaps of the morning while it was bright and decided to share them with you. Of course eventually Aurora interrupted and wanted to pose for some photos too.

My Current Makeup Menu

Makeup Menu
The weather is changing so much recently that it's got to a stage where I don't even know what to be wearing makeup wise, however it's got to the stage where my hands automatically just start grabbing at particular items everyday and so I've decided to share those products with you all. Recently I've been enjoying taking the time to do my makeup rather than doing it in a ten minute rush.

Can I Just Spend My Pay Cheque At The Disney Store?!

Disney Store Wishlist
Pay day is approaching and I feel like it's taken forever to appear again. Over the past few weeks I've been on various websites thinking "I'm so going to get that when I get paid" etc etc. However the Disney Store currently has me wrapped around it's pretty little finger with all the Bambi & Thumper items they have at the moment. So one question! Is it really that bad if I want to spend my pay cheque at the Disney Store?

How I Gained 400+ Instagram Followers In A Week

How I Gained 400+ Instagram Followers In 7 Days
Instagram is one of my favourites if not my favourite social media site. It's slightly addicting liking other people's photos and posting your own. At the end of 2015 I kind of grew apart from my account due to being so busy with work and then when I got home it was dark, so obviously there was lighting issues and just nothing would go right with it. However since 2016 started I have been back to my Instagram addicted-self. I also must be doing something right as my followers have been growing and growing which is so crazy. So I decided to share some "tips" on what I've been doing that seems to be working. Of course these are in no way the 100% correct way to gain followers etc, everybody is different and these are just what seem to be working for me. I've also been getting so many direct messages on my account asking so I decided to just do a whole post for you all. So hopefully it'll help some of you looking to grow your page :)

Can Affordable Beauty Tools Be Brilliant?

Born Pretty Store Brushes
So when it comes to Makeup tools you want the best quality you can get for your money, we all do! So when these 2 brushes and Makeup sponge came through my letter box from Born Pretty Store I was ever so excited to give them a try to see can you really get amazing brushes for affordable prices!? I adore my Real Technique and Zoeva brushes and don't think they can be beaten so I was iffy about trying these out however I gave them a try over the past month and now know how I truly feel about them.

Ari by Ariana Grande Debut Fragrance

Ari By Ariana Grande

You know when you find that fragrance that screams you and you just instantly fall in love with it, say hello to mine! 
Ariana Grande is one of my favourite singers so when she released her debut fragrance Ari I knew I had to get it immediately. When it comes to fragrances I'm quite fussy, I don't like anything too strong or heavy, instead I love sweet, girly, floral scents and this is just everything I love and more.

Christmas In January

So my Best Friend and I live a bit away from each other, I live in the Republic of Ireland while she lives in Northern Ireland which means we don't see each other very often due to our schedules being different etc. However we finally met up last week and we got to exchange Christmas gifts. I will admit I forgot to take pictures of what I had bought her but you can see what she got for me instead! This is going to be a photo heavy post so if that's not what you're into thats perfectly fine, more posts to come! Thanks again Aisling for my gifts, I love them <3 Inside Out Disgust Plush
One of my favourite films from 2015 was Inside Out, I absolutely adored it. So who doesn't love some merchandise from a film you love, especially when it consists of your favourite character. Disgust is me, I am Disgust. Her character was just hilarious and she's just so sassy. How adorable is this little plush doll though!? She now has a spot on my bed beside my Thumper pillow which makes me laugh because she's now constantly giving Thumper a disgusted look. Guess she doesn't love him as much as I do! 

Life Lately ft. my Instagram

One of my favourite posts to write last year were the ones that I featured my Instagram in and did little updates through. (Find all the posts here) So I thought to myself that I'd carry it on through this year because I love it so much! If you don't already follow me on Instagram you can find me here
Instagram Photos
1. For 2016 I decided to get back into my Instagram obsession and start uploading again. Instagram is one of my favourite Social Media's and I really enjoy taking photos for it. I will admit I started the year with a 'theme' which has my heart broken right now when certain images don't match however I'm still in love with what it is and really enjoy having a nosey at everybody's posts. I had a look back at my book I made with Blurb (post here) from last year at some of my favourite Instagram photos I took to give me some inspiration in hopes to be even better this year. 

2. Finally having a 'blogging area' in my room makes me excited. Yes I'm talking about the little space where my iMac is but this means I finally have desk essentials and it just makes me happy. Of course the Zoella Wonder Hand Hand Cream is currently one of my desk essentials. It has the original scent which is my favourite and just look at how pretty the packaging is. Of course it also keeps my hands moisturised when they feel like they need some pampering.

3. I finally found a Wet n Wild stand and I got so excited I basically just picked up anything I liked the look of. However when I got home I realised I picked up two palettes that look almost really!? Of course I'll still more than likely use both but it definitely gave me a giggle when I realised. I've tried the 'Walking on Eggshells' palette and I love it, the pigment is amazing and they last pretty well which I really like.

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm
When it comes to skincare products especially ones that have a huge hype around them you can only imagine my excitement when I got a mini Emma Hardie Cleansing balm for Christmas. After reading numerous amounts of blog posts about this product and the amount of good reviews of it I could not wait to bathe my face in it.

Stocking Up On Things I 'Need'

Makeup Haul
Skincare Haul

So I panicked and bought a lot of things I didn't actually need...Welcome to Jordan's life, where everyday her bank account hates her! But, but I mean just look at how pretty some things look! They were practically calling my name and saying 'take me home with you' and so I did because they asked ever so nicely. Yes Christmas isn't long over and I've been spending, bear in mind that this is about 1/4 of the things I bought...send help. But who doesn't love a haul post to see what people are spending their money on these days.

Soap and Glory The Whole She-Bang

Soap and Glory The Whole She Bang
So I'm sure by now you know that every Christmas Soap and Glory bring out a huge set for Christmas time and that it end's up being half price as a Boots Star Gift. Well here's a confession until now I have never owned one of the Soap and Glory star gifts. Why you may be asking, honestly I don't know. Through out the year I stay stocked up on Soap & Glory and suppose that there is really no need to buy more just because it's half price. However this year was different...well kind of. I didn't buy it this year either because honestly I already have a stash of 6 bottles of Clean on Me so I didn't really need another. But I ended up being gifted this from the amazing place I worked at during Christmas because they're blooming brilliant!
I'm sure by now you're sick of seeing posts about this set however I thought I'd still do one because I really am enjoying everything that was included inside it plus it's down to €35.00 in the Boots sale at the moment!

Thank You Giveaway! CLOSED


Since it's 2016 I thought what better way to start off the new year here on Darling Jordan than with a giveaway! I thought it'd be nice to celebrate the name change and new look my blog got but also to say thank you to all you wonderful people who follow me here on my little corner of the internet. Hopefully if this giveaway does well I'll do more throughout the year. I picked up a few bits and bobs of beauty and skincare that I have personally tried and enjoyed so hopefully whoever wins will love everything!

Highlights Of 2015 Through My Instagram

2015 Through My Instagram
Back in 2015 the odd time I would do a little update post through my photos I posted on Instagram and honestly they are one of my absolute favourite posts to write & read. So I decided to do a whole lookback on some of my favourite moments through Instagram! Also before I get into this post my iPhone is currently being repaired as the main camera stopped working on it but as soon as I get it back my Instagram will be back to normal, so please bare with me on that! If you would like to have a nosey at what I post you can find me here. Now let's get into the post!

2015 was the year I decided to have a 'theme' for my Instagram, now I did go through a numerous amount of them and don't ask what I'd even call them because I haven't a clue. However I will admit having a theme became addicting and my followers definitely shot through the roof because of it. It is much more appealing looking at an Instagram account with a theme rather than one without, but that's just my personal opinion and everyone to their own!

Hello Darling Jordan!

Happy New Year!
I finally decided to change my Blog name (formally Keep Dreaming for those who may be confused) and get a whole new look. I hope you all love it as much as I do, I also have a blog header booked so that should be coming soon also which I'm so excited about. I will still be blogging about the same things I just got sick of the old name and wanted everything to be new and fresh going into the new year.