Soap and Glory The Whole She Bang
So I'm sure by now you know that every Christmas Soap and Glory bring out a huge set for Christmas time and that it end's up being half price as a Boots Star Gift. Well here's a confession until now I have never owned one of the Soap and Glory star gifts. Why you may be asking, honestly I don't know. Through out the year I stay stocked up on Soap & Glory and suppose that there is really no need to buy more just because it's half price. However this year was different...well kind of. I didn't buy it this year either because honestly I already have a stash of 6 bottles of Clean on Me so I didn't really need another. But I ended up being gifted this from the amazing place I worked at during Christmas because they're blooming brilliant!
I'm sure by now you're sick of seeing posts about this set however I thought I'd still do one because I really am enjoying everything that was included inside it plus it's down to €35.00 in the Boots sale at the moment!

Soap and Glory The Whole She Bang
So as I mentioned I like to stock up on Soap and Glory throughout the year meaning this bottle of Clean on Me is now my 7th bottle in storage waiting to be opened...yes I have a tad problem when it comes to shower gels and I'm a little obsessed. I don't know why and it's a really weird thing to be obsessed with but I just can't help myself. 
I have become obsessed with The Scrub Of Your Life thanks to it being included in this set! I will admit when it comes to exfoliating I normally skip it however this is amazing. Why don't all body exfoliators come in a bottle rather than a tub. It just saves the mess and hassle of it all. This exfoliator leaves my skin feeling absolutely amazing. It's also like no other I tried before as it foams up while you rub it into your skin almost like a shower gel would. Soap and Glory I bow down to you for this one!
I've actually never tried The Righteous Butter before this set. Again like exfoliators I will admit to skipping moisturisers just because I'm lazy, I have no other valid reason. Using this after the Scrub of your Life leaves your skin feeling absolutely amazing. It's the kind of amazing where you go around your house to family members saying 'feel how soft my legs are'...that's a thing right..!?
Soap and Glory The Whole She Bang
My complexion is milk bottle white, I don't tan at all whether it be in the sun or from a bottle. Okay so that's a lie I will usually try out a tan if I get one but not very often does that happen because I am hopeless at applying it. However this one is a pretty nifty idea. The tan develops as you put it on and you can actually see where you're applying it because it's already a dark brown lotion. This washes off as soon as water hits it so if you're clumsy like me it's not ideal but at the same time it's perfect. I hate how tan wears off and it just ends up looking dirty but with the Instant Sunkissed Tint Righteous Butter theres none of that because you simply wash it off and it's gone. I will master this I promise.
I have previously tried the Heel Genius as I have a smaller tube of it somewhere in my skincare press. Honestly it's not something I use very often or at all. Every now and then I'd use some and put a pair of fluffy socks on after because why the hell not. It probably will be the least used product out of everything in this set for me anyway.
I've tried the Hand Food numerous of times and have bought small and large bottles of it. I like it, it works and does the job at keeping your hands moisturised. I always have a mini one of these and a Soap and Glory hand sanitiser in my bag.
Soap and Glory The Whole She Bang
The Peaches and Clean Cleansing Milk has actually been a product I've been wanting to try for the longest time after hearing numerous bloggers rave on about it. I love anything that will remove my makeup fast and this simply melts it all away and leaves your face feeling fresh. I will admit though I didn't try it on my eye makeup because I legit panic putting creams or oils on my eyes and can only use Micellar Waters. I don't know, weird fear I guess.
Another thing I've wanted to try was the Thick & Fast Mascara. The only reason I hadn't tried this is because they don't sell it in my local Boots...I think. I haven't tried this yet though so will have to update you on how I get on. I currently have so many mascaras opened I don't want to open this and then have it dry out so I'm saving it for now.
Finally in the set was a Sexy Mother Pucker again something I have debated upon picking it up or not. Again I will have to let you know how I get on with this. Glosses usually aren't my thing though especially if they're really sticky. Hopefully this one works out, very rarely Soap and Glory actually let's me down!

Did you get the Soap and Glory gift this year?

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