One of my favourite posts to write last year were the ones that I featured my Instagram in and did little updates through. (Find all the posts here) So I thought to myself that I'd carry it on through this year because I love it so much! If you don't already follow me on Instagram you can find me here
Instagram Photos
1. For 2016 I decided to get back into my Instagram obsession and start uploading again. Instagram is one of my favourite Social Media's and I really enjoy taking photos for it. I will admit I started the year with a 'theme' which has my heart broken right now when certain images don't match however I'm still in love with what it is and really enjoy having a nosey at everybody's posts. I had a look back at my book I made with Blurb (post here) from last year at some of my favourite Instagram photos I took to give me some inspiration in hopes to be even better this year. 

2. Finally having a 'blogging area' in my room makes me excited. Yes I'm talking about the little space where my iMac is but this means I finally have desk essentials and it just makes me happy. Of course the Zoella Wonder Hand Hand Cream is currently one of my desk essentials. It has the original scent which is my favourite and just look at how pretty the packaging is. Of course it also keeps my hands moisturised when they feel like they need some pampering.

3. I finally found a Wet n Wild stand and I got so excited I basically just picked up anything I liked the look of. However when I got home I realised I picked up two palettes that look almost really!? Of course I'll still more than likely use both but it definitely gave me a giggle when I realised. I've tried the 'Walking on Eggshells' palette and I love it, the pigment is amazing and they last pretty well which I really like.
Instagram Photos
4. If you didn't see my What I Got For Christmas post (find here) you may not know that I'm slightly obsessed with Alex & Ani bracelets at the moment. One of my favourites has the quote 'What's for you will not pass you' which is a saying my Mum forever says to me when I'm wishing or hoping for things to go my way. Something I will admit that used to annoy me but now I'm so used to it I've started saying it myself. I'll even go as far as saying it's very true!

5. I finally got a Blog Header designed for myself and it's everything I wanted. Starting 2016 off with a new blog name and layout I decided it was finally time I invested in one that was personalised for me. Personally I think it describes me very well! Of course I had to represent my animals on it because well they're my babies and I do feature them a lot. Anyways I am so in love with it and think it suits my layout so well. If you're in the market for a new header definitely give Dorkface a try because she's pretty amazing! 

6. Aurora had a operation scheduled for the start of this month to get her teeth removed but sadly it was postponed until March. Since her accident (read all about that here) her teeth have grown outways and at a ridiculously rapid rate so she's going to be much better off without them. We have since got her teeth cut down again since this photo was taken but even with her teeth on show I think she's pretty adorable. Even the Disney Couture and Tesco Instagram page regrammed the picture saying how adorable she is which was sweet! 
Instagram Photos
7. One of my favourite things to do in the mornings is have a cup of tea and write down any blog post ideas I have. I always seem to have 2 notebooks on the go for blogging. One for messy notes and ideas and the other for more structured ideas and to keep updated with my schedule. However I did recently receive the most GORGEOUS new notebook ever that I am so in love with and I cannot wait to start using it for my blog ideas. Also has anyone tried the Ted Baker body spray yet in the little blue bottle? I have no idea what it's actually called but my god I am so obsessed with it right now. 

8. When it comes to fragrances I'll be the first to say I'm not one for designer ones because I'm lucky enough that the Celebrities I like make gorgeous ones that are just my taste. Recently my Queen Ariana Grande launched her debut fragrance Ari by Ariana Grande and sweet baby jesus I cannot get enough of it. I have the fragrance, the rollerball and the hair mist because it smells that good! I adore sweet girly scents and this is right up my street. It's very rarely that I'm wearing any other fragrance these past few weeks other than this one. Seriously though the next time you're in a Fragrance shop give it a sniff. 

9. My Bambi and Thumper obsession grows. So when I realised I was wearing Bambi pyjamas and matching socks of course I had to Instagram it because it's me! I will admit this photo was not easy to take because Aurora just wanted to play and I cannot wait to show you the out take photos in another post. Literally though if you want to be my friend or anything basically give me Bambi or Thumper things and we can be best friends forever. 
Instagram Photos
10. Of course after featuring Aurora I had to share a picture of my little Sheldon who is 2 at the end of this month which is so crazy! You have no idea just how hard it was to get him to stand in one spot and look at the camera. Again I shall show you Out-take photos in another post that I'm currently working on. It's crazy how much smaller Sheldon is compared to Aurora and I do only notice when I pick him up, he's still such a little munchkin. However he's a little munchkin that I bloomin adore!

11. My best friend came to visit meaning we finally got to exchange Christmas gifts (of course post is coming soon!). Before I left the house I took a quick snap of my outfit and for those asking the jumper is from River Island last year so you may not be able to find it again, sorry! We went out for lunch and then went to the cinema to see 'Daddy's Home' which I will admit made me laugh a few times but it's not something I'd watch again. 

12. Finally I decided to watch Sex and the City and have a chill evening and I forgot how much I love this movie. It's just a proper girly film and has to be one of my favourites. The next day #2 was on the T.V which made me happy as I cannot find it anywhere on DVD and it's my favourite one out of both. Who doesn't love a good oul' girly movie with an evening of just relaxing!? 

Are you just as addicted to Instagram?

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