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So I panicked and bought a lot of things I didn't actually need...Welcome to Jordan's life, where everyday her bank account hates her! But, but I mean just look at how pretty some things look! They were practically calling my name and saying 'take me home with you' and so I did because they asked ever so nicely. Yes Christmas isn't long over and I've been spending, bear in mind that this is about 1/4 of the things I bought...send help. But who doesn't love a haul post to see what people are spending their money on these days.

So I didn't exactly need any more makeup removers due to the amount I already have but the Garnier Micellar Water got a new lid and so I needed to get it because...the lid changed...Can you see my problem yet!? Is it weird too say I like the new lid as it makes the bottle much I don't even know, nicer looking? Okay I'm moving on!

I'm not one for Makeup wipes infact I can't stand them because they cause havoc with my skin and my skin punishes me if I use them and I wake up with an outbreak of spots! (True story, living it right now because I was lazy) However that didn't stop me buying 5 packets...honestly though who needs 5 packets of makeup wipes especially when you don't even use them. However I picked up 2 packets of the No.7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes because I had vouchers and staff discount so I couldn't not get them..right!? I also picked up 3 packets of travel sized Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes. I'm not going to lie I think I picked these up because I didn't know what else to put in my basket.

 I also picked up 2 bottles, yes 2 #thuglife of the Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Makeup Remover because it's absolutely amazing. I can't put cream or oil makeup removers near my eyes because I just panic however this is basically just a micellar water that works even for waterproof products and it's amazing and really affordable. Seriously though give it a try because I'm obsessed with it.

Moving onto my weird obsession..Shower Gels! Yes it's a strange obsession but I just cannot help myself okay #hatersgonnahate

So I picked up a little Boots Extracts Body Wash Collection because they were half price and because obvz shower gels! I have yet to try these but they all smell really nice. They aren't full size bottles, which is probably for the best because I'll get through them quicker but how adorable and shabby chic like is the packaging. I think it's so adorable I love it.

I visited Lush which doesn't happen often because I don't have one where I live however I picked up the small bottle of The Comforter and sweet baby jesus if you haven't smelt this yet get yo' butt down to a Lush store right now and smell it. It is amazing and I just want to eat it.
While in Lush I also picked up the Jason and the Argon Oil Shampoo Bar because the shampoo bars last me ages and I really like them. This one smells amazing and leaves my hair really smooth. Does that make sense? When I normally let my hair dry naturally it dries all frizzy and I basically look like a grizzly bear however after using this and letting it air dry it dried straight/wavy. The sort of waves that it looks like I curled my hair and then brushed it out, hey I'm not complaining, this seems to be a miracle worker though!

Moving onto makeup, I stocked up on the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and bought 2 of them while my shade was actually in stock. I also stocked up on the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation because holy grail!
I then decided to pick up the most gorgeous eyeshadow palette I've seen for awhile which was the Maybelline The Blushed Nudes. How gorgeous is this palette though! I haven't stopped using the last three shades since getting it. The shadows are so creamy and pigmented and ugh I just love it. I also decided to pick up the Rimmel Brow This Way because it's been out ages now and I still hadn't tried it so I thought it was finally time to treat myself to it. Oh I almost forgot I also picked up the Collection Contour Kit, I will admit I have yet to actually try this but I'm excited too.

Finally I came across a Wet N Wild stand and I nearly screamed. At this point I didn't exactly know what I wanted to try so I ended up picking up 4 palettes, 2 single shadows and 2 lipsticks. The eyeshadow palettes I picked up were the small 3/5 shade palettes, the one's I picked up were Walking On Eggshells, I'm Getting Sunburned, Sweet As Candy & Floral Values.
The two single shadows were Vices which is actually a red glitter and I just thought it would be perfect for year. The other shadow was Cheeky which I cannot wait to try because it looks so gorgeous.
Finally the two lipsticks I picked up were Red Velvet and Pink Suga'.

Looking at everything in the bags I'm surrounded by, including everything I didn't include in this post I think I'll have to go on a spending ban for awhile because I went a little overboard.

Have you bought things you didn't actually need lately?

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