Seventeen Skin Wow! Highlighter ♡

Recently with the weather getting some what warmer (this is Ireland so I stand by my statement of some what!) I've really been loving using a base that will give that healthy dewy look! After hearing so many good things about the Seventeen Skin Wow! 3 Way Highlighter I knew I just had to give it a try.

This is a product you can use three ways (but you already guessed that due to it's name) either underneath your foundation as a base/primer, mixed in with your foundation or just as a highlighter itself. Personally I have been applying this as a primer/base and then applying my foundation over it. Doing this gives the skin such a healthy glowy look and it's something I have been loving as part of my everyday look.

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette

MUA are a brand we can't get here which makes me sad because the quality is unbelievable! However luckily for me my best friend lives up North and they have Superdrug so I always try to pick something up from the range while visiting. 

Last time I went I picked up the Heaven & Earth eyeshadow palette and not much else due to the people queueing right in front of the stand waiting to get their brows threaded so I couldn't really have a good look at the stand, however I did want to pick this palette up after hearing good things.

Bonjour Hk Haul ♡

After receiving this box a few weeks ago I have to admit I was so excited to dive into everything but having to wait until I took photos seriously made me want to go crazy! However I resisted the urge to slather everything on my face at once and finally got around to taking photos of everything. With 44 stores and an online site Bonjour HK have such a huge variety of makeup, skincare, haircare and more, with over 24,000 products there is something for everyone. I'd definitely recommend having a nosey at their site here! I decided to show you all the items together and give my first impressions, throughout the next few weeks I'm sure there will be separate reviews up!

- Neutrogena Nourishing Nordic Berry Handcream* $8.52 (€7.50)
I was in need of a new handcream so I was so glad when I seen this in the box. I haven't tried this one before and I'm pretty sure it's my very first Neutrogena product I've tried. This smells absolutely amazing! It leaves your hands feeling soft and doesn't leave any greasy leftover feeling. The cream itself is super light helping it absorb into the skin quickly.

My Current Playlist ♡

Is it just me who finds myself making a new playlist every week? Theres so much new music coming out right now and so I'm constantly adding to old playlists, but then I go off some songs because I listen to them so much so a new playlist is made. Heres some songs I've been loving recently that have been on repeat non stop!

Primark Jewellery ♡

Primark Gold Jewellery
Primark Gold Jewellery

I'm normally not one for wearing jewellery and normally will just wear my watch and that would be about it, however for my brothers confirmation I thought I'd look for some affordable delicate gold accessories to go with my outfit and found exactly what I was looking for in Primark.

Primark have such a huge range of accessories and they are always so affordable and I just really love these pieces that I just had to show you them! I'm also forever buying sunglasses from Primark again because they are affordable and they basically have every single style and colour you could think of, I just have a stash of sunglasses in my wardrobe!

4 Summer Essentials For Your Handbag ♡

Sunglasses, Wet Wipes, Dry Shampoo, Tan Tights

The weather is getting warmer and dare I say it but it's Summer finally! 
When it gets to the Sunny Season everybody has a few essentials that they carry around in their handbag and so I thought I'd share with you my most important four.

Firstly Sunglasses I suffer with hayfever so I cannot be without a pair of sunglasses to protect my eyes. On top of that my eyes also water really easily so when I wear a pair of sunglasses I know that it will prevent it from happening. The pair pictured above are ones I recently picked up from Primark and only cost me €3 which is such a great price. I also like to have a pair of these in my bag for days when my hair is down and it may be annoying me as you can just pop these on top of your head to keep your hair back out of your face.

Fairy Girl Mascara ♡

Cute Packaging Mascara Born Pretty Store
Cute Packaging Makeup
Mascara Born Pretty Store

Who doesn't love a good mascara, and what's better than when that mascara comes in the most adorable packaging! Honestly though can we take a moment to just appreciate how pretty the packaging is, as soon as I seen it I knew I wanted it straight away!

The Fairy Girl Mascara* is one I've been using for a while now, it's jet black in colour and claims to last 24hrs but I can't comment on that time limit because really who wears makeup that long!? However I have worn it for atleast 7 - 8 hours and it does definitely last, it's not entirely waterproof and does remove easily with some micellar water but it's one that if you got caught in the rain you wouldn't have to worry about having panda eyes!

SoSu by Suzanne Jackson Nail Polish ♡

SoSu Nail Polish

I love nailpolishes and having my nails painted and looking pretty always makes me smile. So after seeing all the colours online for the SoSu collection I knew I was going to have to pick at least one to try sooner or later. Turns out it happened sooner than I expected as my local pharmacy had decided to stock the range which I was more than happy about.

The range of colours were all so pretty and honestly I did not know where to start or what to pick up however after picking up at least every single colour I narrowed it down to the three shades I liked best! This was where my problem occured because I didn't know which one I liked more so after about 5 minutes of debating I decided to treat myself and just buy all three!

April Favourites ♡

April Favourites

It took me a little longer than normal to get my favourites up this month just because I'm still trying to get my head around it already being May, seriously I feel like I just press publish on my monthly favourites and the next week it's time to do another one! Here's the products/items I enjoyed during April.

Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Pallette I'm pretty sure I've included this in a previous favourites post already but I'm still using it 24/7 and I just adore it. The quality is amazing and it's less than a fiver. It just contains perfect colours for everyday wear and the products themselves last all day long! I did a post all about it here if you want to read more about it and the others from the range.

Quickmax Eyelash Growth Enhancer* This was a product I was trialing out the whole of April and I loved it, I didn't actually think it was going to work but surprisingly it did and actually made my lashes appear much thicker and longer than they were. Again there is a whole post all about this product which you can find here.

MyChelle Skincare ♡

MyChelle Pumpkin Cleanser & Hydrating Cactus Mask
MyChelle Skincare Beauty Comes From Within
Pumpkin Cleanser and Cactus Mask Skin Products

These past few months I have been loving skincare and have constantly been changing up my skincare routine to see what works best for me. I've also developed a little bit of an obsession with natural products and probably about 90% of my current routine contains natural ingredient products. I think when I use products with natural ingredients I just feel like I'm treating my skin more than I would be with products that don't contain natural ingredients.

A Mac Hearts Aflame Dupe? ♡

Mac vs Makeup Revolution
Mac Lipstick Makeup Revolution Lipstick

While sorting through my makeup drawers and going through all my lip products I couldn't help but notice a certain similarity between two products.

Recently I have been loving Makeup Revolution Liphugs, they are moisturising, long lasting and well just very pretty all together (post about them here) and after picking up my Mac 'Hearts Aflame' I couldn't help but notice how similar 'Still Missing My Baby' looked to it.

An Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Alternative? ♡

Born Pretty Store Brow Pencil
Affordable Born Pretty Store Brow Pen

Recently I've been all about Brows and have been trying out so many different products to achieve the perfect brows. As everyone is raving on about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz I've been raving on about the Lomeou Eyebrow Pen*. 

Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit ♡

Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit
Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit
Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit Swatches

After a recent visit to Boots (and since then I've been very good and have yet to step foot back into the store, I'm sure my bank account loves me) I finally picked up a product I have been wanting to try for a good while now. Contouring is something that I almost do unknowns to myself on a daily basis so I'm always after trying different kits and so I finally got around to picking up the Define & Conquer contour kit by Seventeen.

I'll start by saying how much I really like the packaging and I feel like it's very Nars style with it's sleek matte black compact. Along with the outside looking very similar to the famous brand the bronzer and highlighter is also laid out very similar to palettes by Nars. The inside packaging also contains a huge mirror (where I have the little card placed over) which is something I love especially for travelling.

Back To Basics || Eyeshadows ♡

We all love fancy eyeshadows in pretty packaging but today I thought I'd look back at palettes that I mostly use along with being affordable they all contain colours that you are most likely to use on an everyday basis.

Collection Eyes Uncovered Palettes These are one of Collections recent releases and they are amazing. They come in three different colour themes and above I have the Nude palette and Nude Bronze palette pictured. The shadows are extremely pigmented and they are definitely palettes I have been loving the most recently. Only costing €4.99 they are definitely something to have in your collection. Consisting of nudes, browns, bronzes, greys and black they have every neutral colour sorted for you to create the perfect everyday look to a gorgeous smokey eye.

Blippo Surprises and A Giveaway ♡

Blippo Kawaii Items
Animal Puffy Stickers
Shell Bracelet Kawaii Squishy Emoticon
Hi-Chew Candy

Getting a package through your post box full of cute little items puts a smile on everyones face, am I right!? When this cute little package from the lovely people over at arrived I was certainly smiling at all the adorable items it contained!

QuickMax Eyelash Growth Enhancer ♡

We all dream of luscious long fluttery lashes, am I right!?
When I heard about QuickMax* I just didn't know if I believed it would work or not. I had read the odd review on it and most of them had said they had noticed a difference so when StyleLux asked if I wanted to try it out I jumped at the chance, because hello! Long lashes in as little as 7 days sounds like a dream come true. An extra thing to make it sound even more amazing is that you can also use it on your brows!

Like I said I was skeptical about what this claimed to do because some things are often too good to be true but never the less I've been using it every night since getting it. The first week I will admit I seen little result and wasn't quite sure if it was going to work at all and if I was wasting my time or that maybe my lashes just didn't want to grow! 

So I'm Following The Map That Leads To You ♡

While growing up I was never one who wanted to travel to different places. Even going down the country wouldn't interest me. Obviously as a child I went to the obvious places such as Spain and Disneyland (best place ever, someone please take me back!?), along with down the country but now that I'm older there are so many places I would love to travel too.

When I turned 18 my best friend and I decided to pack our suitcases and head off to London for 3 days to attend the Youtube gathering Summer In The City and it was honestly one of the best experiences. Even though I was nervous being in a place I didn't know and absolutely hated the hotel we stayed in along with despising the street it was on I feel like it made me 'grow up'. Technically yes I know I'm supposed to be a grown up at that age, but I had never been to a different country without my family so the safe feeling wasn't exactly there and I knew if we got lost it was up to us to find our way back. Although props to my Bestie for planning ahead of EVERYTHING (go you Aisling!)