After receiving this box a few weeks ago I have to admit I was so excited to dive into everything but having to wait until I took photos seriously made me want to go crazy! However I resisted the urge to slather everything on my face at once and finally got around to taking photos of everything. With 44 stores and an online site Bonjour HK have such a huge variety of makeup, skincare, haircare and more, with over 24,000 products there is something for everyone. I'd definitely recommend having a nosey at their site here! I decided to show you all the items together and give my first impressions, throughout the next few weeks I'm sure there will be separate reviews up!

- Neutrogena Nourishing Nordic Berry Handcream* $8.52 (€7.50)
I was in need of a new handcream so I was so glad when I seen this in the box. I haven't tried this one before and I'm pretty sure it's my very first Neutrogena product I've tried. This smells absolutely amazing! It leaves your hands feeling soft and doesn't leave any greasy leftover feeling. The cream itself is super light helping it absorb into the skin quickly.

- Flormar Eyeshadow Palette in Nude Dudes* $11.53 (€10.16)
Who doesn't love a good neutral palette!? This one consists of five different shades of browns is the perfect palette for an everyday smokey or neutral eye look. The shadows are buttery, last long without creasing or disappearing and are pigmented.

- Lovshe Revive Lip Sense* $5.35 (€4.71)
Not going to lie when I took this out I had no idea what it was, so off to the website I went to have a look and discover. This is a mix between a gloss and a cream for your lips. It isn't sticky which is amazing as I despise the feeling of lipgloss that has a really sticky feel to it. It also plumps your lips while moisturising them and it adds a slight pink colour.

- Fast 10's Gel Eyeliner Pencil* $6.69 (€5.89)
I adore gel liner, so when I got this but in pencil form I kind of jumped for joy. The colour is intense black with little specks of silver glitter which I think is such a nice touch. I have to say this lasts! and I mean lasts, my eyes water so easily especially now that hayfever season has come back so when I wore this I was definitely putting it to the test and it did not budge! It comes off easy enough but not until you want it too! The product itself is so soft and goes on very easily.

- Skinfood Rose Essence Soft Cream Blush #5* $9.02 (€7.95)
Firstly the packaging for this is absolutely gorgeous and now that I'm writing this I've noticed I haven't included the front packaging in the photos so find it here where I posted it on my Instagram. Along with the packaging being absolutely gorgeous it smells like roses, the product is also so pretty on it's such a lovely baby pink shade. Honestly this is one of my favourite products everything about it is just so lovely!

- TonyMoly Kiss Lover Lip Master* $8.44 (€7.44)
When it's Summer time I go crazy for an Orange lip, I don't know why but I literally become obsessed. This shade is literally the best thing ever, in the shade #15 Nude Orange I just know I will wear this so much. It's a liquid lipstick and I must say it lasts for quite some time and even stains the lips so that when it does wear off it still isn't totally gone! I also really like the packaging.

I also received four different face masks which I haven't gotten round to trying just yet but I am so excited to treat my skin to a pamper! The masks I received are the
- Nature Republic Green Tea Sheet Face Mask* which is for deeply moisturising your skin $1.68 (€1.48)
- Nature Republic Avocado Sheet Face Mask* which is specifically for dehydrated skin $1.79 (€1.58)
-TonyMoly Pureness 100 Caviar Sheet Face Mask* which is for giving nutrition to your skin $1.20 (€1.06)
- TonyMoly Pureness 100 Pearl Sheet Face Mask* which is a brightening mask! $1.20 (€1.06)

Have you ever shopped at Bonjour Hk?