SoSu Nail Polish

I love nailpolishes and having my nails painted and looking pretty always makes me smile. So after seeing all the colours online for the SoSu collection I knew I was going to have to pick at least one to try sooner or later. Turns out it happened sooner than I expected as my local pharmacy had decided to stock the range which I was more than happy about.

The range of colours were all so pretty and honestly I did not know where to start or what to pick up however after picking up at least every single colour I narrowed it down to the three shades I liked best! This was where my problem occured because I didn't know which one I liked more so after about 5 minutes of debating I decided to treat myself and just buy all three!

For €7.99 each I picked up 'I Do', 'Bright Lights' and 'Money Talks'.
I Do is the perfect bridal nude colour and it was one I knew I wanted before seeing the products in person. I was worried it was going to be very transparent due to it being such a light colour as I really dislike being able to still see my natural nail when it comes to a light coloured polish, but with two coats the colour is truly opaque and I can't see the white tip of my nail underneath.
Bright Lights is a shade I picked up because of it's Rose Golden like colour. Honestly I didn't think I was going to like this on as much as I do and it is probably my new favourite colour. It's a metallic shade but it is so beautiful on the nails. I paired this with I Do and yes you guessed it, my new favourite combo!
Finally Money Talks is another shade I'd class as a "nude" colour but instead of a pinky nude shade it's more of the mauve nude. Just like the other two shades it is stunning on and I also really like this paired with Bright Lights. 

When it comes to nail polish I will admit it doesn't matter if it's Shellac you can guarantee that I will have it chipped on at least one of my nails after the third day! This lasted me about three to four days before chipping noticeably where I would have to fix it up. I will say I do love the formula though and it applies to the nails really nicely and spreads really well. I do adore the three shades I picked up and can more than likely see myself picking up more shades in the future!

Have you tried any polishes from the SoSu range yet?