Primark Gold Jewellery
Primark Gold Jewellery

I'm normally not one for wearing jewellery and normally will just wear my watch and that would be about it, however for my brothers confirmation I thought I'd look for some affordable delicate gold accessories to go with my outfit and found exactly what I was looking for in Primark.

Primark have such a huge range of accessories and they are always so affordable and I just really love these pieces that I just had to show you them! I'm also forever buying sunglasses from Primark again because they are affordable and they basically have every single style and colour you could think of, I just have a stash of sunglasses in my wardrobe!

The three chains pictured above were actually a set so you can stack them or wear them on their own. Out of the three I absolutely adore the two hearts entwined chain as it's so dainty on and it's also really short so it's pretty tight to your neck. The chain after that if you are wearing them stacked is the little plaque with love wrote on it and then the coin styled one. I really like them all stacked together as even though there are three of them they are still very dainty and not too in your face.

The set of two bracelets I picked up as they remind of the Alex and Ani bangles, and although I have one of the real ones I got it as a christmas gift and it's silver and I really dislike silver jewellery so I don't wear it, however these two are so affordable and look so lovely and simple on! One has a little pink tassel charm while the other has a gold leaf. There was a huge variety of charms to chose from so theres something for everybodys taste!

The set of necklaces only cost €4.00 while the bracelets only put me back €2.50 which is so affordable! Yes after a few wears they will more than likely start changing colour because they're not real but for the price after a few wears you won't really mind as it hasn't cost you much at all! After getting these it has reminded me how great Primark's accessories range is and I will definitely be looking at it more often now rather than skipping it.

Do you buy jewellery from Primark?