I've fallen in love with a lipstick! Yes I have my certain few lipsticks that I constantly pick up and go to use but on Thursday of last week I done my makeup knowing that I wanted to wear a red lip because I had not worn a red lip in the longest time! I was wearing a quite casual but summery (it was really sunny that day) kind of outfit consisting of a slogan tee, american flag shorts with tights and white converse, I also had a little black cardigan on, so because of this I didn't want the red to look too overdone and dressy.

I have alot of red lipsticks in my collection so I immediately went to my L'oreal lippy in 'Blakes Red' but that was way too dressy, I then tried Topshops lip bullet in the shade 'Joyride' but it wasn't quite what I wanted. Then looking at the lipsticks I had on top of my dresser I decided to pick up the Wet n Wild one in the shade '911D Stoplight Red' and it leads us onto this post!

I don't own any other colour like this in my collection and oh my goodness I want a product from every range in this colour! It is the most gorgeous Red berry colour I have ever seen. I did line my lips with a red liner when putting this on but only because I was after trying on so many other reds previous that I had to so they wouldn't look a mess (and so that I could see where my lips actually where after rubbing off all the other ones!).

This lipstick is so beyond creamy and surprisingly very long lasting. After eating lunch with it on yes it had wore off, but what was left was a vibrant stain on the lips which is so amazing because if you forget that you're wearing it at least you wont look silly missing half of it because it will still look even! I then re-applied it after a while and it lasted a good couple of hours before it even started to fade just a little.

I am so in love with this lipstick and I have only one other from this particular range in a gorgeous Pink which I cannot wait to start wearing now! I would definitely recommend you picking this up if you can get your hands on it (and if you can lucky you I'm jealous because I can't get this brand here and I was lucky enough to win this in a fellow bloggers competition) as the colour is just beautiful.

Have you tried any Wet n Wild lipsticks?